This quiz is meant for people who read the manga Vampire Knight, but if you don't its ok. Its my version of 7 minutes in heaven. Please, girlz only. srry dudes. this is my first quiz so srry if its lame -.-"

hi there! so i got bored. on with the show...find out which Night class vampire guy you get locked in a closet with(lol) Have fun ^^ and be careful. Rock on and love life. I like pancakes. Roses are my favorite flowers. I love anime. I love my boyfriend. And here we go.

Created by: i_am_VAMP
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. you know the drill: pick a number, my friend.
  2. hmm...favorite color?
  3. okay the rest of these won't effect your score.
  4. Dark chocolate?^^
  5. gas station guy
  6. Nurse Daniels
  7. why?
  8. do the chickens have large talons?
  9. vampire knight
  10. ready?

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