The Love Story That is Yours Part 4

srry it took so long but ive been ahving a barbie movie marthon i LUV barbie i hope im not the only 1 but plz leave me a comment about wat to make me look like

i have also been delayed beacuse i was on break and had no internet for a week so srry *shrugs* i hope u like it i dont think its my best work but watever i hope u LUV it

Created by: PersonXD

  1. Last you heard someone was walking into your room. You turn and see your neighbor for the night, Dean, he says "Hey _____!"
  2. He comes close to you before you can say anything. He pushes you up against the wall and moves his face close to you back away and scream for help. "HELP!" Daniel runs in and pushes Dean on the floor. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?" He asks "WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" He looks like he is about to punch him when the officers come in with your older brother. The officer pulls them apart and drag Dean from the room.
  3. You silently go to your bed without saying a thing David comes over to you and says, "That was close, you are old enough now to take care of yourself but we are all just kids even if I am 17 and you are only 15 but we could be 80 and still be kids." When David said that Daniel silently left the room and your brother did something he didn't normally do. He lift the covers up on your bed and told you to get in you did and he lift the blanket numerous times then tuck the edges in around you.
  4. Your brother kisses your head then leave your room and closes the door behind you. You had the perfect plan to keep your family together. No 4 year old should be alone.
  5. You went bed and sadly woke up at 3 am. You headed down stairs and said hello to the boys. Jake said nothing Eric said through laughter good morning David was up and just gave you a hug. Daniel ate his cereal for a couple minutes before he realized you were there he looked up nonchalantly and said "hey." Then went back to eating his cereal, you looked around the officers weren't here. "Guys, I have a plan but I need your help to carry it out." The boys looked at you like you were crazy once you told them your plan but they hesitantly agreed.
  6. You were putting your plan into action. "Come on joseph no one's going to hurt you." Joseph took your hand and started to sing Blue Sky. You join in and began to skip. "Sissy, I'm not going to leave without you or David." Your plan was working. "I know but you have to." Just then Danid walked in "the officer say we have to leave." "NO! NO! NO!" cried joseph. The officers walked in just then and saw him throwing a tantrum. They called a meeting in the corner once they were done one of them picked up joseph and carried him into the car. "Boy get out little lady get your older brother, NOW!" the officer barked. "DAVID," you called. David ran in the room. "Let's get to the point" the officer said. "we can keep your whole family together but only if you are willing to drastically change how you look.
  7. Your little brother is different looking from both of you so this will not apply to them. The boys will become a band. A major band that is you're going to be the manger. Your brother will be their agent and your little brother is well him. Wait your older brother will be the manger as well as agent you will be the public relation manger. Ok?" you both agree.
  8. You all pile into a van and you are put between Eric and Jake. Who do you lean on to sleep on?
  9. Plz rate and comment thax so much for takeing my quiz hope you lliked it thxs to heather Sutton again bye
  10. Ps who do you love?
  11. ps i need you to read this so here it is i am changeing erics name cuz it was based off a guy like but i no longer like so his new name is derick

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Quiz topic: The Love Story That is mys Part 4