~ Love Story ~ *Part 2*

This is the second quiz. This quiz is best if you're interested in fiction and fairy tales and whatnot. Anyway, I hope you have fun with my quiz, good luck. ;)

This quiz starts out with questions about you, and then enters the actually story. I advise you to answer all questions, because each are drastic to your result.

Created by: musicgirl

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  1. Okay, once again, we'll begin with some questions about you. Let's start with the age-old question: What's your favorite color?
  2. What grade do/did you get in middle/high school (average)?
  3. In a relationship, are you more into clingy guys? Or guys that are more... Hands off?
  4. Alright, on to the story....
  5. Okay, so you've driven off the cliff. You're scared, but when you look down, it seems like down's getting further and further away...
  6. You look around, and you've gone through some dimensional wormhole. Tucker (the curly haired one), is the one to grab your hand and lead you out. Where you meet a boy who has short, black hair, and has a very calm expression. Which of the below do you wish you could say?
  7. The boy introduces himself. "Hello, my name is Jules. I see you've met Ben, Tucker, Kilian, Eli and Zane. I'm sorry, did they explain why we had to pick you up? Well, here's the thing...." Are you...
  8. "We found that someone was after you. Ben here has been keeping track of where you are, in proportion to the enemy. Lately, they've been getting pretty close..." What do you assume the enemy wants?
  9. "Well, he wants to drain you of your energy. It turns out you have an extreme amount of energy." Where do you expect this energy is contained?
  10. "We're going to have to keep you here, in our home until we've destroyed them." Says Jules. "You're gonna have to bunk with one of us." Says Kilian, smiling at you. Though it's hard to resist his charm, you choose to bunk with...

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