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  • Ben

    The more you know about Ben, the more he reflects your personality. You know that Ben is smart, funny, witty, and quite adorable. The fact that he looks at you, and quite possibly likes you means you also have a great sense of humor, and are obviously beautiful. =) You're probably not dumb-as-a-rock either. ;)

    ehehehehheheheh heheheheh. Benny :3

  • ~ Love Story ~ *Part 2*
    Your Result: Tucker

    He's still one of the quietest guys you know, but Tucker is so sweet. If you got this, you probably fall in love with guys that are often quiet and sweet. Though he usually hides most of his personality, you know it's there and you can bring it out. The fact that his face lights up when he sees you means you're obviously a great person. =)

    Cool I love quiet guys and of course sweet too

  • PART 3!!!!


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