Just another love story part 6

this is my story so yeah, i feel like to throw up!! bye

y two paragraphs??????

Created by: iluvdolphins
  1. You went downstairs and when john layed his eyes on you he looked like if his eyes were gonna pop out. "wow emily, you look fantastic!" he said. "thanks you too" you replied blushing deeply. you both went downstairs to the garage and he asked "which car?" you said "the ___"
  2. you saw that he was driving to a dancing contest place. "hey i dont know how to dance" you said "its ok, ill teach you" he said. he opened the door on your side and took you by the hand and lead you inside
  3. you both went on the dance floor and started dancing. You put your head on his chest and followed the flow of the music. Finally the music stopped and you realized that you and john were the only ones dancing. You heard claps and 'woots' you blushed deeply as the announcer said "well i guess we know who won the award! its Emily and john!!" he gave you the award and its gotten late so john decided that you two head back home
  4. You arrived at the House and noticed that Everyone was asleep so You just went into your pj's, when You got to your bed and when you were about to get comfortable you felt something lick your finger, you looked down and saw a cute little puppy! it was a dachshund, and it had a note in its mouth and said 'happy birthday! from all the boys' you smiled and picked it up and put it on your bed
  5. You woke up and found the puppy sleeping by your side. you smiled and noticed today you were 17. You went downstairs to the kitchen and got yourself breakfast. You sat down and ate whatever you got to eat. You finished and noticed today was really quiet, as in there was no sign of the boys. You looked at the clock '8:00' wow im up early (you see you never wake up early) so you decided to take a walk around the forest. You went around till you saw a small pond you sat down beside it and realized that this was the place in your dream that was really relaxing. You sighed and layed down to look up at the clouds. You felt really relaxed at the moment till you felt a presence by you. You got up and to your surprise, nobody was there 'wierd' you thought, somehow you slipped and fell into the pond. The pond was really deep but with all of your might you tried to get back up but failed. Your throat burned and you felt your lungs with loads of water. You slowly closed your eyes and fell into complete darkness.
  6. When you woke up you gasped for air. You saw your puppy on top of you. You smiled and got out of bed and noticed that you were still wearing the same clothes as when you drowned. you walked around and saw the boys playing x box and acting like 3 year olds. You couldnt help your self but to giggle, and the boys jumped making Adam and John falling off the couch. You laughed even more falling on the floor. When you finished laughing you ate lunch which was your date with dustin! You ran upstairs and put in cute clothes and makeup, what was the makeup?
  7. You went downstairs and Dustin said "Hey there sexy, where do you wanna go?" you chose the place and he said 'cool! lets go' you got in his car and drove. when you got there he opened the door politely and took your hand, you got in and sat at a table. You both ordered your food and waited. *Later* you and dustin were at a beach "i dont have a bathing suit" you said. he lead you to a gift shop and got you a bathing suit. you both went into the water and started acting like 2 year olds, you had soooo much fun until it was almost night "hey we need to get back" he said "okay" you said and gathered your stuff and left.
  8. hey sorry!! im finishing it now! i feel lazy and my stomach feels like to throw up. anyways can you help me pick out a name for the doggie? it can be a boy or girl ^__^ byes!
  9. whats ur fav color?*wont effect*
  10. who do u luv?

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