Lord of the Rings Love Story Part#2

This is a story in a GIRLS voice. Or, you. Boys can take it, if they want an adventure, but it's not narrated by a boy, just so you know. Hope you enjoy. This is NOT mushy lovey-dovey stuff, but portrays what you feel/they might feel to you. Love doesn't start till later on.

The story 'Lord of the Rings' is by J.R.R. Tolkien, so you all know I'm not copying. I'm just sticking a character in. The added in scenes with (insert your name here) are by me.

Created by: EmGirl
  1. It had been a long time since the 'incident' with Bilbo disappearing. You had lost your job at Bag End for about a year, as Frodo had been ignoring you, and apparently everyone. Slowly, he began to notice you more, and put the past behind him. But he'd still seem distant, as if something was always on his mind. You seemed to spend a lot more time with Sam in the garden, and it also seemed that the older you got, the more often you became part of Merry and Pippin's bizarre plans.
  2. Frodo was now 45, and you were 40. You were heading going home one night when you passed by Bag End. You saw Sam crouching by the window, listening to something. You ran up to him, and he motioned you to keep quite. You nodded. You strained you ears to hear what was so interesting, that Sam, Sam the faithful gardener, wanted to spy on. You heard Gandalf speaking: "Three rings for the Elven-kings under the sky, seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, nine for Mortal Men doomed to die, one for the Dark Lord on his throne in the land of Mordor where the shadows lie. One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them in the land of Mordor where the shadows lie." You stayed silent, unsure of what that meant. You decided that it was wrong to spy and got up to leave, mostly because the word 'Mordor' had sent such chilling cold down your spine, and had made you get a cold sweat.
  3. You noticed how dark it was getting, and that you were alone. You felt colder, in fact, it was getting colder every step you took, in fact, the cold was coming to you! You panicked as a horse galloped up to you. You leaped into the bushes, but a scaly cold hand grabbed your hair and pulled you onto the road. You looked up at a black rider, cloaked in a black hood that covered his body and hid his face. He rode atop a black horse, who had eyes of the purest black and blood crusting it's hooves. A raspy voice spoke from underneath the hood, "Shire...Baggins..." you took a deep breath. No one ever came to the Shire, never asked for anyone, you were frightened. Funny, you'd never been this scared before. "This is the Shire," you replied, "And, and, Baggins, I, I don't know," you replied. You couldn't tell this thing of Frodo. The black rider stared at you, well, you couldn't tell, but it seemed like it. It silently took it's other hand and scratched three long marks onto your arm. Your arm burned, as blood spilled onto the ground. The horse whined. The rider dropped you and rode away.
  4. You lay on the cold road till the fear left your body and heart. You were still afraid though, and curious. Your wound hurt a lot, and it was bleeding a lot too. You tore off some of your shirt and tied it around your arm as a make-shift cast. You got up, sweating a cold sweat. You walked back to your Hobbit Hole and ran to your bed covering yourself in your blanket. What was happening? Why had a stranger come asking for Frodo? It must have been something to do with the poem Gandalf had told him. But what did a poem have to do with it? The one ring... The one ring and Mordor were one thing, then this black rider comes and demands for Frodo... you didn't understand this at all and fell into a restless sleep.
  5. The next day you put on your usual boy Hobbit clothes and a coat as well, considering it was fall and the chilly air was blowing. You walked out and went to Bag End, but found Frodo and Sam gone. You let yourself in with the key from under the flower pot and found a note on the door. 'Dear ______, I am leaving on a journey for a few months. Sam is coming with me. Please tend the garden and hope to see you soon. -Frodo Baggins'. You frowned. Frodo had left. With Sam. You wondered if this had to do with last night. You left Bag End when you saw Pippin and Merry walking by. They waved and asked, "Hey, ______, want to come with us? We're going to go get some, um, food." You smiled, you knew exactly what they were doing, stealing. You didn't want to be part of this, but agreed anyways.
  6. In the field, you helped pick corn with Pippin and Merry. You didn't know where you were but you knew you weren't supposed to be there. Merry kept loading his stuff onto Pippin who was having a hard time holding it all. They had grabbed some corn, lettuce, carrots, and onions. You heard the distant shouts of some old Hobbit and a dog. Merry and Pippin panicked. They took off at a sprint. You ran after them shouting, "What is it?" "It's the farmer," Merry yelled back, "Now run!!!" "Shouldn't we leave his stuff behind?" you asked. "NO!!!" the two screamed together. You burst out of the corn and saw Pippin fall on Frodo and Merry fall on Sam. You were not lucky and fell onto the ground.
  7. "Oh, hi Frodo," Pippin said, "Merry, it's Frodo!" the two got off of Sam and Frodo while you pulled yourself off of the ground and dusted yourself off. "What are you doing?" Sam asked. "Getting...food..." Merry said. "Really?" Frodo asked. He turned his head and acknowledged you. "______?" he asked. You gave a small wave and said, "I was bored..." The shouts were coming nearer, and Merry and Pippin quickly pushed Frodo and Sam through the fields into the woods, as they ran from getting caught. You followed them, and quickly outrun Sam, Merry, and Pippin, catching up with Frodo. Frodo ran to a halt, and you stopped by him. Then, of course, Merry and Pippin and Sam crashed into the two of you and you all fell down the small cliff and onto the road. You got up and brushed yourself off for the second time in five minutes. Frodo began to take a few steps as Pippin and Merry began picking mushrooms. "Frodo?" you asked. He did not reply. Suddenly, he turned to you, and screamed, "Get off the road!" As hastily as five Hobbits can you leap off the road and hid in a small ditch. Then you heard the steps of a horses hooves, the sound of something jumping down.
  8. The air was cold. You were very afraid. Your arm hurt badly, the pain was clouding your eyes up. Then, it was gone. Frodo sighed, and then, your life just got a whole lot more interesting. ~ It was night, you were running for your life with Sam, Frodo, Merry, and Pippin. You just had to make it to the dock... three riders were following you. You could see the dock, you'd make it. Then, you fell. Frodo had just leaped onto the small raft, a black rider was in your way and another was behind you. You heard the Hobbits screaming your name. "______!!!" You got up and ran to the side. You ran and jumped into the lake. "______!!!" You knew it was stupid. You didn't know how to swim. But you tried. You were so close to the raft, but it was so cold. Your limbs began to freeze as you were submerged in water.
  9. You gasped for breath as someone pulled you out of the lake. It was Sam. "Are you OK?" he asked. You nodded. You slowly got up and stared at the black riders. You'd almost died that night, by the hands of the riders and by the hands of the lake. You automatically held your arm where your wound had been. The cloth was still stained with blood from the previous night. You wondered, if, no, it couldn't be. You decided to ask Frodo.
  10. "Frodo?" you ask. "Yeah ______," Frodo replies. "Those things, I, I think they came because of me," you said. "Why?" Frodo asked, suddenly interested. "Last night," you began, "one of them came to me and asked me two things. Shire, Baggins. They were looking for you, I think. Then, the thing did this to me." You took the cloth off and showed Frodo the wound. It was swelling, yet, healing. Frodo gasped. "Well," you continued, "I think it marked me. So it found me, and because of that, we all almost died." Frodo was silent. "It didn't come for you," Frodo replied, "it came for..." he paused, and turned around, fingering a ring on a chain that he had around his neck. You knew he was done talking. You sat back and tried to relax on your journey to, well, who knows where.

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