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  • I just found this series this evening, and you posted this part just in a few hours; awesome :D ouch, wound from the Ringwraiths is not gooood....

    Can't wait for part 3 :)

  • Of course it says I'm 100% Pippin.
    Who else could it be? Pippin is awesome. :)

    And again, check out GIRLS ONLY! LORD OF THE RINGS- Your Point of View by Kalyn_Forlin on Quibblo. And to those of you who may think I'm just advertising myself, no, I'm just a big fan of that series and I think it was really good.

  • Awesome! I love this series.

    Orange Fusion
  • This is really good! I love LOTR. I'm more of a Legolas girl, but this is still awesome!

  • You need to make a love story with LeGoLaS, ArAgOrN, and BoRoMiR!!!!! My favorite character!


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