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  • "(Ally, I'm going. I'm sorry. You haven't been on in a little while, so I hope you see this. I left a thread in the Study. Please read it...."
  • Well, this is it.
    "I havent been on several weeks, and Im sorry. Ive been procrastinating, waiting for the right time. But Im leaving. Im sorr"
  • "What makes you think I would do that? *grins at him and smacks him back with her tail* What do you smell?"
  • Lone my dear!
    ""It'll be fine." Fay said with sale conviction, "Let's go and get it over with.""
  • "*falls back a bit and shoves him playfully* Me too. :3"
  • Lone my dear!
    ""We'll both talk to Jaxon, and then you visit Marcus." Fay corrected, "no way am I doing that by myself.""
  • No Subject
    "Guys I taught my lease horse how to bow, hug and paw on command. We're still working on perfecting the bow, though. Someo"
  • I just realized....
    "I thought your hair was ginger. .-."
  • No Subject
  • No Subject
    "My hair looks really good today."
  • No Subject
    "I cut myself like 10000292 times whilst shaving for the first time in months, and I think I'm dying from blood loss aGH."
  • "(hi~)"
  • "*rolls eyes and takes off after him, a dark streak against the rocks* Bye, Ally~"
  • Lone my dear!
    "Fay came back dressed with her hear swept to the side in a fishtail, looking much more presentable. "Thanks." she said cheerfully, taking t..."
  • "11."

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