Gears, a story part 1

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Gears by Me! It's based off of steampunk. A rather interesting idea. You can be a Rebel, the ones who support Doc and want to show the world that new isn't bad, new dosent change anything. But the ones who live in the Past disagree highly. They want everything they way it should be. Prim and proper and nothing new..

But then there's the Neturals. They don't really care what side wins or anything really. They just want this all to end or do something. What side do you want to be on?

Created by: GoddessA
  1. The sound of heavy hooves fill the night sky as a dark blood bay stallion storms across the dusty valley. A older gentlemen urges the horse faster. "Move! We have to save her!" After a moment he pulls the horse back and it's long powerful legs cut at the night at the sudden stop.
  2. He slid from the tall horse with a wince and crouched down next to a limp form. The moon lit up his silver hair turning it into a white paleness. His wise yet haunted dark blue eyes edged with laugh and stress lines. For a 50 year old this man was in good shape, years being shaped by the West did this. Dr. Devricks. The rebel leader.
  3. The limp form lying in the dust was once beautiful. Actually, still is. The moon made her pale blonde hair look white. Her slightly rounded face was pale with slightly thick light colored eyebrows that lined closed rounded eyes. Her nose had a light splash of freckles. Her upper lip was light pink and plush but her bottom.. Her bottom jaw was almost gone.
  4. Doc sighed softly and lifted her limp form in his arms. He took notice that she was blind in her right eye. The horse skitters slightly at the scent of blood. "She must be hurt else where.." He sighed quietly and pulled himself onto the horse before cradling her into his arms. "Ya!" He shouted and gave the stallion a swift quick. With a small scream the horse darted off towards the well known path he knew. Doc inspected the jaw closer. From ear to ear length her bottom jaw was mostly bone and blood. It was still intact enough to save her teeth and tounge inside her mouth but the rest.. He sighed quietly and kicked the horse just as lightning streaked across the side followed by a rumble.
  5. They came to a stop infront of an old two story wooden manor with a stables next to it. A young boy about ten walked out. "Take the horse. I got the girl." He slid from the mount and rushed inside with her. At this time of night everyone would be asleep so no one came in his way and he thanked them for that. Storming downstairs into the basement he laid her down on a metal working table and then pulled on a pair of golden goggles. They looked old yet new with trinkets and wires. It whirred to life as he started to work. On the table next to him was metal, gears, wires, and tools.
  6. Doc worked through out the night and no one walked down to disturb him. By the time the sun started to cast it's firey flames across the sky and sending the moon and stars away for later, others where moving upstairs and he knew that soon someone would come. Peering down at his work he let out a long sigh and sat back looking at her. Steps sounded decending the steps and Doc turned around to look. A younger man about 30 or so with wavy brown hair and dark brown eyes older then his time looked at him. "Hey." He rasped, his voice a low drawl with a slight rasp. "Just heard the news.. Is she..?" Doc sighed and pulled his goggles off. "Have a look." He sighed looking tired and hungry.
  7. The man, James looked down at her. "When will she wake up..?" He asked softly gentle touching her cheek with a soft yet well callused hand. Doc shrugged and watched them. "She's not her James." He said softly and sadly. "I know.. But I can help her." He sighed closing his eyes.
  8. Suddenly Doc stood up and looked down at the young girl. "Shh.. She's waking up." He said softly. "Go get me a pitcher of water." He huffed and James took off up the steps. The young girl moaned softly with a whir of gears sounded. "Shh.. It's okay.. I promise." He sighed and helps her sit up. The girl looked around with wild eyes but didn't speak. Doc twisted her around to look into a body mirror. She gasped and looked at herself.
  9. Well thank for reading! Please, give me feed back on how it was :3
  10. Last one I promise~ Oh and I'll make a second one depending on how you all like this :3

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