Dare to Dream (a 1D/HP story) part 2

Here it is! Part 2! I am SO sorry for the long wait, but I have been SO busy. Anyways, just so you know, Danielle is staying with Liam. And I have introduced some cameos. Just so you know.

I apologize to Ginny Girl because one of her characters is not in the same house as she specified. And this part is a little boring, but I needed to introduce the characters, and I did try to add some interesting stuff to the story. If you read this, post "Niall turns into a potato during the full moon" in the comments.

Created by: wolfgrl45

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  1. Recap: You just arrived at Hogwarts and you have already made three friends: Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie. You are in the middle of being sorted. That's all. I'm not gonna keep you from finding out your house anymore. READ ON!
  2. "... RAVENCLAW!!!!!!" the hat roared. Ravenclaw! My favourite! The house my mum had been in (Dad had been in Hufflepuff)! The second table to the left exploded into applause, and with a leap of gratitude, I noticed Eleanor, at the Gryffindor table, and Perrie, at the Slytherin table, cheering too. I could barely make out Danielle's head in the crowd, but I had a feeling she was applauding as well. Shakily, I walked over to the loudest table and sat down.
  3. The rest of the Sorting passed in a blur. I only remembered a few others: Malik, Zayn, a boy with black hair and pierced ears (Slytherin with Perrie), Danielle, of course (Ravenclaw like me!), Payne, Liam, a boy with curly brown hair (Ravenclaw too), Styles, Harry, the boy who had waved at me on the train (Gryffindor), and Tomlinson, Louis, a boy with straight brown hair (Gryffindor too). Then Mcgonagall stood, went over the rules, and proclaimed: "Tuck in!"
  4. I ate as much food as I could hold and talked a bunch with Danielle, the two other first year girls in our house named Vera Yarrow, a girl with caramel colored hair, muddy green eyes, and a rather mellow, slightly cool personality, and Kiara Star a girl with red hair, green eyes, and a very calm, smiley personality , and occasionally the boy Liam Payne would join in a little too. He seemed serious at first, but as we got to know him, I could tell he had a crazy side. Then, the plates filled up with desserts and I saw Eleanor sitting with who I remembered to be Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles and saw Louis smash Harry's face into a chocolate gateau. Laughing slightly, I turned back to our table, where Liam noticed what I had been watching and said, "Those guys are crazy, but you just gotta love 'em." I laughed. After the dishes were cleared, Minerva Mcgonagall stood up, pronounced the rules, and then dismissed us to go up to our dormitiories.
  5. Our prefect, a loud girl with black hair and grey eyes named Falca Strom, lead us up a spiraling staircase to a door with a simple, eagle-head knocker, which, after a sharp rap from Falca, asked, "How can you identify a victim of a Lethifold?" Falca turned toward us. "To enter, you must answer a question. Any suggestions?" Vera stepped forward. "You can't. The victim will vanish without a trace, never to be seen again." "Well-reasoned," the door knocker proclaimed as the door swung open and we stepped inside.
  6. The common room was a large, circular room surrounded by windows hung with blue and bronze hangings. The ceiling was domed and painting with constellations in the night sky, which matched the carpet. Several glassed in bookcases stood in a row by an alcove with a statue of Rowena Ravenclaw, which itself was located by a spiral staircase. Falca instructed us on where our dormitory was, and soon, we were getting ready for bed and unpacking our stuff from our trunks that had been delivered to the dormitory.
  7. The next morning, I woke up in my four-poster bed in the dormitory and got dressed in my new robes and hurried down to breakfast with Danielle. There, Eleanor stopped us to say hi and introduce us to a few people: The Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from last night, Christine Blair, a very sweet girl with blonde hair and ice blue eyes, and Li Shadows, a thin girl with black hair and amber eyes. They all seemed friendly enough, especially Louis, who kept cracking jokes that were so bad they were hilarious, if that makes sense.
  8. After breakfast, we had to go to our first class, Charms. That was followed by Double Transfiguration with Hufflepuff. There, Danielle, Liam, and I met a loud, slightly crazy, blonde boy named Niall. After lunch, we had Herbology and Double Potions with the Slytherins. Luckily, that included Perrie, but unluckily, that included a rude vain boy whom Perrie informed us was named Zayn.
  9. Finally, Potions was dismissed. As we filed out of the dungeons, Perrie hurried to join Danielle, Kiara, Vera, and I, then started ranting slightly about Zayn. That was when Liam caught up to us. "Zayn?" he asked. "I was sitting with him on the train. He seemed okay, not like how you say he is." Perrie turned on him. "No offense, but who are you exactly?" "Liam Payne," Liam said with an exaggerated bow. I saw the ghost of a smile flicker across Perrie's lips and Danielle laughed with Kiara. Vera was acting kind of moody because she hadn't answered a question correctly in Herbology, (which was how we learned that she was a sort of overachiever and hated to get questions wrong).
  10. "Ugh," Eleanor groaned as she caught up to us and Vera drifted off to the library to get books, "I have So. Much. Work. How the heck am I supposed to get this stuff done?" Just then I heard someone shout, "Eleanor and Company! Wait for us!" as Louis, Harry and Niall ran up to us. "We're going outside to study. Care to join us?" Harry asked. "Please?" Louis begged us and gave us puppy dog eyes. We laughed and went outside, settling under a large maple tree by the lakeshore, whose leaves were just beginning to be tinged gold. I smiled. Sitting under a lakeside tree surrounded by friends. Life doesn't get better than this. [:)]
  11. Harry's POV: We all sat underneath a tree by the lake to do our homework (bleah). I watched as Evie sat down and curled up with her Potions book. A couple strands of straight chocolate-brown hair fell over her shoulder. She was so pretty... but no. I'm not falling in love again. Remember the last time... Niall's POV: "Crap," I muttered. "I forgot my Transfiguration book in the Great Hall." "Here," Evie said. "You can have mine." She smiled as she handed me the book. Her green eyes sparkled. I thanked her, but as I turned the pages, I couldn't concentrate on it. All I could think about was that smile... Her eyes were so bright. I had never seen eyes like that before, such a vivid shade of green. And her hair was chocolate-colored, like one of my favorite desserts. And she was nice too, and funny. Am I in love? I think I might be...
  12. Oh, it's exciting! Harry and Niall are in love!! Who will get you? Now don't beg me to chose a certain one, because I've already decided, and nothing you say will change it.

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