Memories of a Shard pt. 2

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Once again, I've written a part of my new story in which two (well three) unlikely friends fight to live. In this part of the story, we meet a new little character.

Do you think you'll be able to sit through the daring tale, or will you turn your head and back away from it all? This is just something you can't pass up. Read in.

Created by: amazon

  1. I'll pick up where we last left off. Easy. Kay?
  2. Clause had short, blonde hair that was actually curly in some places. It covered parts of his eyes, making him seem a little weird. Clause had dark black glasses. At this moment, he had a fancy orange shirt on with flowers and palm trees. His black shorts made him look like a tourist from Hawaii.
  3. Krypton let out a low growl, looking away from Clause to stare at the woods surrounding the little city. His red eyes glared on into the trees. The trees he was glaring at had their normal green color. (In this city, the trees never changed color.) A few moments past before his eyes softened.
  4. Clause kept his hand on the man's neck, even though there was no pulse. He stayed there. His face hardened as he spoke. "I'm going to leave for the weekend with Violet. You're staying here in the house. I can't afford to show you to the world. You're bound to kill someone sooner or later, more than this and in public. I just can't bring you anywhere. I'm going to leave you with Dark." Dark was a girl he had found a few weeks ago laying hurt on his lawn. She had fainted; her left eye was hurt and her arm was almost torn to the bone. Kry had found her and had happily stayed with her until a freaked out Clause came home.
  5. "I'm stuck with that idiot of a person while you get to leave the city? What the heck, Clause! Dark can't do anything worth crap!" Krypton spat out, spinning around. His eyes were filled with horrible hatred. As usual.
  6. "I need to. If I don't, how am I supposed to help you do something about Dark?" Clause commented, a hint of amusement in his voice. Krypton stood there thinking for a moment. It almost made sense to him now. He grunted and continued to glare at Clause from over his shoulder.
  7. Clause stood up. He walked back to the house, entering and leaving Krypton outside. Krypton stared at the door. He wondered what was going on in Clause's mind. Probably something crazy. He shook his head and thought about the silly adventure ahead.
  8. (If you noticed, it's a book format.x3)
  9. Chapter Two- Dark came from inside of the house, her blue eyes shining. She yelped as she ran into Krypton. He glared down at her before he spoke. "What the heck, kid? You can't exit slowly?' he sneered, pushing Dark into the wall. She squeaked, pressing her body closer to the wall than Krypton.
  10. "I'm sorry! Please don't hurt m for this.." Dark looked up at Krypton with a scared look on her face. "Krypton Code.." she whispered. All at once Krypton's features changed. Finally, he smiled down at Dark and slowly bent down, kissing her cheek. She relaxed.
  11. "Morning kiddo. Excuse the wanna be father." He said cheerfully. (This was Kry's opinion of Krypton's actions. Krypton actually liked Dark, but couldn't bear to be nice to her in fear of being asked to stay that way for the rest of his life.) Dark giggled, hugging Kry.
  12. Now my fingers hurt~ Once again, there are two characters to pick from. They're anime.

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