Memories of a Shard pt. 1

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Many stories are full of shoking imagination. Stories are what bind everyone together. In this story, a man-made person must fight to survive with a small child to protect at all costs.

If you think you want to read on, I say go ahead. Trust me, from the chaacters you'll meet, you might now want to forget this. Now there's a quiz to love.

Created by: amazon

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  1. WARNING: This story gets better each time, but it may get a little intense. Don't worry about the slim chance. At the end you can decide who you want to see. (I used anime pictures, I apologize haters.)
  2. Epilogue- Entry One, January 5th of 1972- I actually felt it. Those few feelings I'd never thought I'd feel in a million years. Greed. Lust. Envy. Wrath. Sloth. Gluttony. And even more than those, pride. The seven feelings burned in my heart once I lost my son a few hours ago. And even a few more hours before that, my wife. Greed for a new beginning for happiness. Lust for my son and wife once more. Envy for families who were still families. Wrath for the sickness that took their lives. Sloth for not doing anything about it but sulking. Gluttony for eating a little too much after being alone. Pride for being the one still alive. I don't know why I'm even writing. Is this normal? Do men write in diaries? Do they rant about feelings? I don't even know. But one thing is for sure: I plan to create something that will fix the hole in my heart. What is it, you may wonder? Well, I'm not an alchemist. I'm not some scientist who can make a robot. I'm not a mastermind who can mess with bodies. I need to make something that is easy. Something I can do. Something never done before... Perhaps a person bound together by feelings. Yes, that's it! A person who is not entirely man made. A being of feeling that has its own mind and memory, its own control. One that could live in society without being hunted down. Strong in its own way. A person who represents feelings. A thing that will thrive in humanity. Something that can be awoken from anyone and their new feelings. A Memory.
  3. January 20th of 1972- I started on working to hide my feelings when near my older sister. It's hard to ignore the stares I've received from the rest of the family. They're haunting. As if they knew something was wrong with me. But no matter. I've created a wasn't hard. Although I'd rather not explain it. I've begun waiting and hoping it would come to life. Was my idea too big? Did I go beyond my mind? I can't tell much anymore. ''m not going to mess with logic, no matter my feelings. It will work on it's own in time. Right?
  4. February 15th, 1972- It worked. It finally worked! Only a few hours ago, I had been feeling quite angered and hopeless when it woke up. It was a natural feeling of beauty. A man made of my feelings. He managed to get some clothes on his own. What else, you might ask? He was able to speak to me. I couldn't believe how strong he was, how amazing he was....I felt happy. He was odd, however. Somewhat like a being with Multiple Personalities. At first he spoke with a cruel, vile tone. His eyes red and dark, white hair that seemed out of place. He always had a frown. But something changed. I spoke a single word, a name. Then another word. "Krypton...code." His eyes turned a light brown, his hair matching his shining eyes, the frown turning into a grin. I've decided to name the two Kry and Krypton. Kry is the kind one, Krypton the vile one. I think you know what's coming now, yes? I'm releasing my grasp over to my Memories. They can tell you the story in full. My feelings made the first Memory. I have no need to write more. They have already told you the story by now.
  5. The writing above was by a character we will soon meet in a 'dairy'. Now it is an actual story.
  6. Chapter One- "Tch. B*****d never knew what was coming." a tall, pale man was staring down boredly at a guy who was knocked out. The guy's blood was all over the pale one's hands. The one on the ground seemed to be asleep. Or rather, dead. But the pale man didn't care. He never did.
  7. The man stood at six foot seven, taller than most men at the age of twenty. He had short spiky white hair that stood out from his dark, evil blood red eyes. His hands were well covered with blood. His once okay black leather jacket was now ruined beyond hope. His shirt covered with red as was his hands. The jeans he had worn were okay, besides some dirt. His feet were bare and smeared with red and brown. All in all, he was a cruel figure.
  8. "Krypton.....Honestly, I swear, I fight for your protection and you go and toss it away!" a man ran up, his blue eyes full of worry from behind his gasses. Krypton glanced behind his back, staring at the man and huffing.
  9. "I'm...sorry...Clause. I can't help it. These humans that are around are always annoying and stupid, they're always pissing me off-" "You piss yourself off, Krypton. I didn't mean to make you that way, but you are. Kry made this easier... Just calm down." Clause said, bending down to check if the person lying on the floor was dead. His fingers touched the person's neck. Cold. He looked up at Krypton with a pale face.
  10. And now we must part for a break in the story.:3 Thanks!

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