Another love story

This is my love story. Hope you enjoy this. I will try to make the next one longer. I'm sorry if it shard to find next parts. Enjoy! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

The four guys you'll meet, are (if you want more, tell me on the comments page) jay, dark hair, blue green eyes, hot. Leo, blond hair, blue eyes, hot. Clay, light brown hair, hazel eyes. Brandon, orange hair, weird eye color

Created by: Karen Davis
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  1. This is my first time making a quiz, so it might be bad. Bear with me please.
  2. "Yawn." You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock. "Great," you think, "school." You get ready, and change into.....
  3. "________" are you up?" Your mom asks. "Yeah, why?" You yell down. "Cause there's someone I'd like you to meet" "Ok, coming" You walk downstairs, and there's this hottie standing in your living room. He has far almost black hair, with startling green blue eyes. "_____, this is jay." Jay extends his hand and says, "nice to meet you." You say, "don't mention it." Your mom explains that jay is going to live with you while your moms gone. She's leaving to go on this, like year long trip, I really don't know why a RESPONSIBLE parent would do that, but what eves. You just moved here. You say bye to your mom, and follow jay to the school. "What is our school called?" You ask. "Pandora's high school." He said. (Sorry, I couldn't think of anything.) "cool." You say. He gives you your schedule, and ditches you when he sees his friends. Nice
  4. You walk to your first class. Math in mr horan's. (sorry, can't think of names." You get the seat next to a really good looking guy. His blond hair is wavy, and his blue eyes are really bright. He introduced himself, and said, "hi, my name is Leo." You tell him your name. "I like that name." He replied. Math was super bring, but Leo kept mimicking the teacher, and you enjoyed yourself. Leo asked, "what do you have next?" "Band, with ms. Swift." "Oh, she's down that hallway." "Thanks!" Sooo, who do you like more!
  5. As your walking down the hallway, you hear two voices. "Dude, she's hot!" Leo whispered. "I know, but we have to keep her safe, alright?" Jay said. "Fine." Leo gave up. You walked quickly to your desk in ms. Swift's class. Next to you was ANOTHER hot guy, with light brown, and hazel eyes. "He introduced himself, "hey, I'm clay." "I'm ______.” You say. You heard him say, "I knew that." Weird. Band was a lot of fun, and clay kept looking at you, almost like a creepo. You got to lunch, and proceed to sit alone, like you've done all th years of your life, when you see jay, Leo, clay, and some other cute guy sitting together. "_____ sit with us." They said. "Alright." You answered. You sat down next to clay,and the other guy. He had orange red hair, and had this weird eye color, like blue, but almost green. "I'm Brandon." You say tpyour name again. Jay and Leo seem to be burning steam because I wasn't next to them. Wow. Now, who do you like?
  6. You go to your next class, English with mr. Malik. Brandon sits next to you. The teacher wasnt even paying attention, so we talked the entire time. It turns out, jay, Leo, clay, and Brandon all knew each other since they were born. You think that's cute. You really like Brandon as a friend. The next class was history with mr. Styles, and you sat next to jay. "Hi _____" he said when you sat down. "Hey." You replied. The class was super boring. Jay made you feel good, though, he kept making you want to laugh so hard, you were actually crying! The other three guys all glared at jay. What's everyone's problem? Pick favorite
  7. You leave, and find the four of them in deep conversation. You realize that you should eavesdrop, since your ride home is jay. "Have any of you used your powers?" Brandon asked. Jay was the only one who did. "I used empathy. She was feeling down." "Alright, we just have to keep her safe until her powers form, alright?" Clay said. .do you know what she'll get?" Leo asked excited. "No, we just have to find out." You kept around, and then asked jay if he was ready to go. He was.
  8. Cliffhanger! Jk, this is just the end. Hope you liked it.
  9. Ignore this one
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