Good Boy Bad Boy (Your Love Story)

This is a YOUR story. Every decision you make will lead to a different result. Be yourself, and start your story, your very own love story that you control.

Make a choice, then proceed to the next question. Read the instructions to find where to go. Answer all questions, some you may have to answer with *this is not my question*

Created by: EmGirl

  1. You walk into your school. It was just after summer break. You bump into Sam. Sam has blonde hair and amber eyes. Sam falls down onto Jonah. He's a bad boy, orange hair, you know, that stuff. Jonah pushes Sam off and says: "Watch it freak." You say:
  2. (If you picked option 1, proceed to next question. If you picked option 2, stay here.) "_____ knocked me onto you," Sam says, "Really, calm down." Jonah stares at you.
  3. "What, are you trying to attack me using crap boy?" Jonah asks.
  4. on #2, if u answered option 1, stay here. option 2, go to next question.)"Whatever," Jonah spits at you, and leaves. "Thanks," Sam says to you.
  5. "You're the liar, and exactly like Jonah," Sam spits at you, and he walks away. Jonah laughs, "You got him good," he says.
  6. "He IS crap, and so are you," Jonah replies, and he storms away. "Thanks for sticking up for me," Sam says to you.You reply:
  7. "You two are so alike," Sam says, and he storms off. You look at Jonah and say:
  8. *Out of the story, choose your look, make it real or fake, does not matter* Color hair:
  9. You wear:
  10. You Like:
  11. You Listen To:

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Quiz topic: Good Boy Bad Boy (my Love Story)