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So, this is for katanasky. I want to tell her how much I love her. And everyone can read it if they want. It's Katana's valentine present so... I also got her a necklace which I saved up forever to buy and I don't know when I'll give her that...

And I got her chocolate. Chicks love chocolate. I don't know if this was a good idea... I'm scared out of my mind... one thing... I LOVE YOU KATANA!!!

Created by: gabriel14
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  1. So, this is my valentines present for my best friend Katana... or katanasky as she is on here. I hope you enjoy reading some of the stuff that happened and how much I love her.
  2. So... fourth grade, I was ten, she was nine. Small town, small school, but she had been homeschooled and it was her first day. I was standing in front of the fourth grade classroom where the teacher told me to wait for her. I knew she was nine... had brownish black hair, brown eyes and would have a green backpack. Then I saw her... and in it's own way my ten-year-old heart stopped.
  3. five years later........... "I've been friendzoned..." I realized, I watched her walk in front of me on our way home from school. I don't know how I was so stupid... she saw me as a guy friend... or worse... maybe a brother. I swallowed a lump down my throat and sighed. I had to fix that somehow... without hurting her... or messing our friendship up. I had heard horror stories about this kind of thing and I knew I was in a deep... black... pit... that was going to be hard to get out of. "Hey Katana?" I caught up to her. She turned to me, dark hair glinting golden in the late afternoon sunlight, and brown eyes so open and honest... I couldn't do it. I bit my lip, holding in the frightening urge to kiss her. That was unsettling besides being unfamiliar. I could hardly hold it back... but I did. "I uh... just wanted to know if you were coming to the football game?" I asked lamely. "I wouldn't miss it for the world Gabe, specially with you being the water boy," she said. "I'm not the water boy!" "Fine, wide receiver, whatever," she said, acting unconcerned. I rolled my eyes. "Gabe?" she asked in a thoughtful tone that just about stopped my heart. "Uh..." I said. "I think I have a problem," she said. "Uh..." "I like a guy... but I don't think he likes me..." she said, staring down. My world seemed to be crushed... nothing seemed real anymore. "Ka-a-ta-n-na..." I stammered, then turned my eyes away quickly, trying to resist the urge to drop down on my knees and beg her to forget about him because true love was right in front of her. I hoped that wouldn't go anywhere... because that would ruin my life if some other guy got the most precious thing in my world.
  4. I tossed in bed at night, when I had asked her who... she had evaded the question. And that made me feel even worse. "Dude! Chill out or you're out with Griffin!" my brother Aaron growled from his side of the room, hurling something at me. I ducked under the covers and ignored his rantings. I needed to talk to her ASAP. I glanced at my phone on the nightstand. When Aaron was asleep, I snatched it and stayed under the covers. "Katana? you awake?" I texted. "Babe?" came the reply a minute later. "Sorrry, autocorrect," she said. My stomach seemed like it was twisted in knots. "Yea... um... I need to talk to you," I said. "Uh... sure Gabriel, bout what?" "I want to know, seriously who you like," I answered. A pause... extremely long pause... "No you don't Gabe... seriously, it's nothing, I'll get over it," she said. Whoa... she couldn't... not... Daniel Webber. No no no... she knew I almost blew up everytime his name was mentioned so that's why she wasn't telling me. "Daniel Webber?" I have no idea how I managed to make my thumbs move. I stared at the screen inteseley. I didn't get a reply. I waited for a while, decided maybe she was tired or just didn't want to tell me... I buried my heart in a deep... dark... cold hole and left it there.
  5. So... thinking my best friend in the whole world had a crush on my arch enemy, I stayed away from her the whole day at school. I tried everything to get my mind off her... Shinto Buddhism, dumping cold water on my head, and math homework... nothing worked. Finally I decided I would talk to her. I jumped up from the table and wheeled around to go find her. Smack! Oh jeez... I'm not sure how it happened... but we ended up on the floor, in an awkward position. "Gabriel!" she blurted. "Uh... hi?" I said. I could feel her breath against my chest and my hands were on her waist. She looked at me blankly, with the look: "Dude, what is wrong with you, get off me!" "Sorry..." I mumbled, trying to get up but for some reason, I was frozen. I could feel her heartbeat and see her tender lips... and I knew that however tough she acted, however much she tried to be strong, that deep inside, she was just a girl. A girl with hopes and dreams... a girl who wanted someone to rely on... and a girl who was the center of my world. I wanted her to know that... that no matter what happened... I could be there for her... and wanted to be the one to protect her and hold her and cherish her forever...
  6. "Gabriel! Dude! Not at school!" My buddy Harlan Jacobs grabbed me and pulled me up. I was still staring at her in total... guy... I don't know how to explain it, um, like totally transfixed on something and everything fades to a blur. I grabbed her hand and pulled her up before catching her in a hug. We used to hug all the time... up until we hit puberty, then things started getting complicated and awkward. I held her as tight as I could, wishing I would never have to let her go. "Gabriel," she whispered, her chin on my shoulder. I was soo glad I was tall. "Katana..." I whispered back. "Seriously Gabriel, the bell just rang." "So?..... Oh!"
  7. "Katana... I have something to ask you," I said, walking to school with her the next morning. "Yeah?" "Um... you'll be my valentine this year right?" I don't know how I got it out. She turned her eyes to mine. Slow motion. Her face lit up and she threw her arms around my neck. I just about had a heart attack but my arms slipped around her waist automatically. Instead of a regular bear hug, it seemed tender and gentle. She leaned on me and let me hold her. I could feel her heart beat. Oh Katana. "You know Gabriel? I think you are the most wonderful guy I've ever met," she said. I looked at her. Then I couldn't help it. I kissed her. It was so nice, her lips were so soft and she melted in my arms. "You never did that before," she said, her eyes wide. "Well... yeah... I figured if I was your valentine... I kinda qualified to kiss you." "Oh..." she said. I sighed and hugged her tighter. It didn't feel as awkward as you might think, in fact, it felt really good, and totally natural. I could just stay there forever... "Gabriel?" she asked sweetly, batting her eyelashes at me. "Yeah?" I asked, sure my voice was sickeningly dreamy. Her lips seemed to come tantalizingly close to mine. "My brother's standing behind you," she whispered. My eyes widened. "Oh s---!" I jerked my arms from around her waist and wheeled around. Jackson, around 20, stood there with an annoying half-grin on his face. "Uh... I... um..." I stammered. I was going to die. He shrugged. "I don't care, kiss my sister all you want, I knew you two would get together some day," he said, then continued past us. As fast as my heart was pounding, it went much quicker when I turned around to face her again. I love her so much... and I don't know how to tell her...
  8. So... that's it. That was a few days ago and now... I don't know. Advice would be much apprieciated.
  9. I hope you liked it.
  10. So, if you comment, that'd be nice, and this is how I'm telling her I love her. So, yeah...

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