not your average love story

ok, so i got to admit that maybe this part one is not good enough. and maybe its a bit lame and old fashioned. but i hope you give it a shot and try my first story quiz. ^^

please comment and rate. the guys' image will be in the result . any ideas on how to improvise my quiz is always good and i will consider all the ideas given by you all.. ^^

Created by: aina_msia
  1. ok, here's the drill... you and your family are asian ( if you're not asian, just assume you are) .. you have 3 siblings.. you are the eldest, and you have 2 little sisters who always bugs you off. you live anywhere in america.. ok?
  2. and also you are 17 this year.. you lead a very normal life.. you got a best friend. you had no boyfriend , but you had some really good guy friends.
  3. but on one fateful day, you had received a shocking news from you parents..
  5. JUST KIDDING! haha.. (sorry if its not funny ) well, the news is .. "we are moving to Malaysia!" both your mom and dad said. "what?? why?? when?? where??"
  6. "your dad is promoted to be the new manager in his company in Malaysia. so,, we thought it's a good idea to move there. new place, new friend, new home!" you mom explained.
  7. so, now you are in malaysia, and about to head to your new school. a normal school but not like any normal school in america. in Malaysia, the students here wear uniforms,, uncomfortable ones. plus, you just found out that the weather here is hot! not as hot as in africa or something, but its damp and hot.. there is also n snow here..
  8. your mom had already registered you in the school and left you alone in the school. (another thing, in Malaysia, you need to learn to speak Malay. although you had a few basics in speaking malay, you are still not that fluent) so, you asked a girl , "excuse me, do you know where's class 5 Alpha is?" the girl took a glance at you and showed to the direction to the upper floor. you said "thanks" and headed up to your class
  9. when you entered the class, the students were learning biology . you head to the teacher and showed her your student ID. "a new student? i see.. "
  10. "ok, please introduce yourself to the whole class." the teacher said. so how will you introduce yourself??
  11. "ok, so ____, i want you to take a seat next to .. .. who??
  12. " to.. kim hae min. he's also the new boy, so i'm sure you two will get along pretty well.. " so , you take your seat next to him.. he greeted you with a friendly smile and said" hi! i'm kim hae min. nice to meet you. " your reaction?
  13. during recess, you sit in class because you dont know what to do. you read your books quietly when... CLIFFHANGER!
  14. really, its a cliffhanger! no joke.. so bye-bye. sorry its kinda lame. i promise it will become better.. please support me..

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Quiz topic: Not my average love story