What lays beneath your heart: P1 Alone

This is my very first story quiz. In this story, you have moved to Seattle and find that three handsome guys all like you. They will each compete against eachother for your love.

The first guy is named Josh: he has jet black hair that is always covering his light gray eyes that always seem to change color in different light. He always wears black and is emo. The next guy is Skyler: he looks like your average surfer dude and has messy blond hair that almost reaches his baby blue eyes. He loves to make people laugh and he loves sports. The last guy is Jermey: he has chocolate brown hair and dark brown eyes. He dresses very good and he sings and plays the guitar. He looks like a rockstar! Hope you enjoy the quiz! bye!

Created by: DespicableSharon

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  1. Gray. The drab color is the only thing that you see in the sky. You turn to look at your clothes and start unpacking again, when sudenly you hear a loud scream! You ingnore it, since there has been so much weird stuff happening ever since you moved to Seattle. You hear the scream again, only it`s not a scream, it is someone knocking on your door, yelling "Hello? Is anyone home?", you look up and walk to your door. You see three guys. You think _________________.
  2. You see the first guy, he is wearing all black and he seems kinda shy. The second guy has blond messy hair, he is wearing shorts and a plain white tee, and he is holding a basketball as if he has been palying sports all day. The last guy is actually dressed pretty cool, considering that he looks like a rockstar! You open the door and the sporty guy says "Hi, you must be new here, so we just thought we might pop in and introduce ourselves. I`m Skyler, and you are..." "I`m ________. Nice to meet you." Skyler starts to stare at you but then quickly stops.
  3. The guy in all the black starts to talk "I am Josh. Its nice to meet you..." He seems really shy but real nice. Then the rockstar-looking guy says "Yeah, I`m Jermey. Hey ______, do you wanna hang some time?" "Ummm... Sure I guess so....." The other guys look kinda mad that Jermey asked you to hang with him so fast. What do you think of them?
  4. All the guys leave. You get back to unpacking but you can`t concentrate on anything... You think that you can feel your heart beating faster and faster.... Like your in love. You think its cause of the plane trip all the way here. You decide to go to sleep. You start dreaming...
  5. You wake up from your dream and realise that its already 3 o`clock! You see how cold it looks outside so you decide to wear ___________........... Then you leave to go see Jermey.
  6. You lock your door and you see Jermey and he is with Skyler and Josh. Their all walking to your place. Since Jermey asked to hang with you, Josh and Skyler decided to tag along. All of them happy to see you so they race their way and Josh beat them all. "Do you wanna go see a *breathes* movie?!" He looks really tired and you think that you should better go with him. Who do you wanna hang with?
  7. "Well..... Sure I guess I can go; Umm.... What movie do you wanna go see?" He seems all excited now, so he says "How bout a horror movie?" "Yeah! come on, lets go!" He looks happy but the other guys are jealous, but you don`t seem to care. You ride in Josh`s car with him and he says "You know, I never saw a girl as beautiful as you, and I am so happy you want to go with me...." what is your reaction?
  8. When you arrive to the movies, Josh says "come on, lets sit in the back." You follow him and he slowly grabs a hold of your hand... *blush* you can feel your heart racing again! As the movie goes by, you guys sit down, and he lets go of your hand and trys something a little more, he slowly wraps his warm arm around you until he reaches your shoulders.... *blush* you can now feel the blood rushing toward your face and he stays wrapped around you until the end of the movie.
  9. The movie is now over. Josh holds on to your hand again. You dont seem to mind. You get a ride home now, and its dark out. "I had a nice time, well, I should go now." he slowly kisses you on the cheek. "I had a good time to, bye!" Josh pulls out of the drive way and waves bye to you as you open your door. You wave back and go inside. You start to think about what just happened.
  10. You are about to go to sleep when you here someone at your door and- CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!! Who do you like so far?

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Quiz topic: What lays beneath my heart: P1 Alone