Finish The Lyrics!

Lots A People Have A Good Memory,Like For Song Lyrics.Well Those Are Smart People. But Do You Know Lyrics And Other Things By Heart Instead Of Memory? If You Can Your Smarter Than Smart.And Thats Good. Remember Its The Heart That Counts,Not Memory.

Wanna Test Your Song Lyrics? To See If You Know Them By Heart.If Ya Can Get An 85 To 100,Then Im Pretty Sure Ya Used Your Heart.Your Very Lucky Today.By The Help Of My Test.Take My Test And Find Out! Good Luck! =)

Created by: Kimberly

  1. Romeo Take Me Somewhere...(Love Story Taylor Swift)
  2. Visions So Insane...(Ultraviolet By The Stiff Dylans)
  3. Just A Pebble In...(Make A Wave By Demi L. And Joe Jonas)
  4. Thats Why I Decided To Give You What...(Something Like A Party By The School Gyrls)
  5. Cause Whenever...(U Smile By Justin Bieber)
  6. And I Just Be Coming Off The Top...(Bedrock By Lloyd,Lil Wayne,Gudda Gudda,Nicki Minaj,Drake And Jae Millz
  7. Just Shout Whenever And...(Baby By Justin B.Ft Ludacris
  8. You Ain't Nothing Like The Girl I...(Icebox By Omarion)
  9. Our Song Is The Way You..(Our Song By Taylor Swift)
  10. Pose,Step,Now Do That..(Teach Me How To Jerk By Audio Push)

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