My Tears Are For You (Memory 1)

This story is about a girl who experienced true love. She had found that special someone, but soon after, great pain follows her. It strikes her at the spot where pain can be felt most. Her heart.

Everything starts going downhill for her. She cannot control what is to come. Knowing that, she hates herself. She wants to stop it but she can't. What will happen to the life as she knows it? (me: It sounds pretty cheesy to me but it seems to fit so...)

Created by: Fairygal
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  1. White surrounds me. White is all I can see. I look around to see nothing but the colour. It's so empty that it scares me. It's weird enough to send chills up and down my body.
  2. "Hello?" I say. Nothing answers back. My voice echoes off the empty space and repeats itself. I yell again. Again, the same result. Why is everything so weird nowadays? Is this a dream?
  3. Then the world I see turns into black. I am left standing at the same spot with no light provided to help guide me. I give a frustrated sigh and wait for this annoying silence to stop. It is ringing loud into my ears, never stopping and never taking a break. I swivel my head around to see an omninous glow off at a distance. Curiousity eats away at me and after a moment of indecisiveness, I decide to follow it. As I walk closer to the light, the brigther it got. It continues to grow until I'm completely swallowed up by light. **** 
  4. **** I hear noises. My mind is so muddled up that I can't decipher the sounds. It also doesn't help that my head is pounding. The pain seeps into the rest of my body, creating more uncomfortableness for me. My body feels numb and slightly cold. I let out a groan. Without thinking, I sit up and place my hand on my forehead. It is then that I realize what the noise was. It's someone calling my name. "Elaine. Elaine. Are you feeling well?"
  5. I open my eyes with effort and then I gasp, seeing a sight most wonderful. A pair of blue eyes. They seem to sparkle in the moonlight, absorbing all beauty. I involuntarily let out a sigh. The man's eyes then crinkle in amusement. "I do not know if it is part of my imagination, but Elaine, were you enjoying the view?" he says with a slight accent, laughter in his voice. I turn my face away from his, blushing hard at this stranger's comment. Realizing where I am, my eyes open wide in astonishment.
  6. We are on a balcony, overlooking a beautiful garden. It is nighttime, the moonlight glistening off the fountain water from below. I look left to see an elegant building that looks like it could be from the olden days. It appears that there is a ball going on from the looks of it. Chatters and laughters echoing from inside, reminding me of something I know from the movies.
  7. "Elaine? Is something wrong?" the man asks, worry in his voice. Him talking brought my attention toward him and my eyes open wide in surprise. He isn't wearing jeans and t-shirts that guys usually wear, but a suit that's similar to one in the Renaissance. If he is wearing that, that must mean... I look down at my clothes. Instead of the red top and jean shorts that I was wearing just moments before, a red, long, flowing dress instead is clinging onto my body. The material is thin but very fancy and expensive-looking. I run my fingers along it and felt a material that's as smooth as silk.
  8. "Elaine..." the guy says, stretching his hand towards me. I back away from him, afraid of his touch. Afraid of it all. Seeing my fear, he pulls his hand back dejectedly. He whispers, "I see... You do not remember." I look down. For some reason, I feel very bad for him. The look on his face is so sad. I want to remember him but I can't. I have never seen him, though I feel a little familiarity with him.
  9. "I think there is only one thing to do... Wake up, Elaine," he whispers. With those words, darkness envelops me once again. ****
  10. **** "Elaine, wake up. Wake up," a voice says through the darkness. I let out a groan and open my eyes. It seems that I am in the middle of English class. Realizing this, I wake up with a start. Red colours my face, creeping a bit onto my neck. My eyes meet with the stares of my classmates. A few are smiling hard, clearly trying not to laugh.
  11. "As I was saying, now that Elaine is awake...," my teacher Mr. Evans says. Snickers can be heard from the room. "You can sit in the desk beside her, Will."
  12. With confusion clouding me, I look up to a new person. The person from my dream! He looks at me, interest in his eyes. Then he nods at the teacher and sits down beside me.
  13. "Now back to the lesson... We are on page 46 of the book. *coughs* 'Her face is sculpted by angels. Etched in are her gentle sea-blue eyes that are framed by long eyelashes. They show the innocence and purity of a majestic immortal being. Her face is coloured a rose-ish tint, giving her a look of delicacy and fragility of a flower...'" Mr. Evans pauses for a bit, setting the book aside. "Class, as you can see, this piece of writing uses a lot of vivid details to describe a girl who has tremendous amount of beauty; yet at the same time, innocence. I want one of you to answer this question. What feeling is being emitted in this piece? Why is it that the writer chooses to use that throughout the whole story?" He looks around the room only to see one hand up in the air. "Ah, the new kid. Nice to see you so willing to answer questions already. Now tell me, what do you think?"
  14. "I think that the feeling that the narrator is feeling is love. The way he describes her, it's as if he regards her like an angel. No one else would talk in that tone if they weren't," Will says with meaning in his voice. Hearing the same accent from the dream, I look at him. I see that he is looking at me. Was he looking at me the whole time? He looks away. "The author chooses to do that for readers to easier relate to the narrator. Love is what everyone knows, if not a lot but at least a little. I believe that the writer is trying to portray the love that others want." After that he sits down, taking another peek at me.
  15. I don't know why but why does he keep looking at me? He looks so familiar, despite the dream I just had about him, but I have a weird feeling about him. Is it good or bad? I don't know.
  16. The end! I hoped you like memory one of the series. I wonder if this part got you thinking about what's going between Elaine and Will. Tell me what you think of it in the comments.

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