The Much Ado About Nothing Quiz

What is randomness? Is it nonsense? What is nonsense? If i were to live in my own world, everything would be nonsense. Everything what it was, it wouldn't. And what it wouldn't it would.

Do you comprehend? Or are you sent running in tears? Stand up to the challange! Are you ADD? OCD? Find out now! You may be more like me than you'd like to think!

Created by: Shannon

  1. Okay, so you want to take my quiz. Let us see how well you know me. My middle name is...
  2. Okay, well all know that one degree wasn't enough. And we also all know i work in the lab. Thus, i have a biology degree. But what was that other one?
  3. In five months, four weeks, my name will be officially changed. To what?
  4. *NERD QUESTION* = 100 nerdy cool points. Okay, what organelle looks like a stack of pancakes in the cell?
  5. Okay, back to me. My favorite colour is......
  6. 100 cool points for this one. Pete Doherty and Carl Barat are in what band?
  7. If Shannon were a food, what would she be?
  8. Sadly, i'm sick and can't leave my bed. What movie would I put in?
  9. Nerdy Random Trivia! Heamophilis grows best on what type of agar?
  10. The name of Shannon's lil black Hyundai was....
  11. The thing I hate the most of my internship is
  12. My favorite Beatles' Album is...
  13. Speaking of the Beatles, what was Ringo Starr's real last name?
  14. NERD ALERT What does PT stand for in coagulation routines?
  15. Shannon's getting married! What shape is her cake!?
  16. all this wedding talk...what is shannon's colours again?
  17. At the wedding...what is our first dance?
  18. What is our wedding day again?
  19. Enough wedding talk.....what was Kurt Cobain's middle name?
  20. What does Shannon get at Starbucks?
  21. This brings us to the end of my quiz. What would have been a better way to spend your time?

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