Who should I date ~ Too much arguing (Part 2)

Yes. You are not a genius. Sorry. Well, I like potatoes, cheetahs, iPads, writing, stories, sweet corn... Hey wait, I'm saying nonsense. Complete nonsense..

Yes. You are not a genius. Sorry. Well, I like potatoes, cheetahs, iPads, writing, stories, sweet corn... Hey wait, I'm saying nonsense. Complete nonsense...

Created by: Jenniferdu
  1. It's Katie Kate. Now...Jason and Jake are arguing. "I like you both," I tried to say. "both equally." "You don't want to date that nerd!" Jake shouted to me. I don't think Jason was a nerd. He like throwing parties. Before I could stop them, the bell rang. I looked at my class schedule. Biology, room 156. Owen was at biology class, too. I sat beside him. Owen passed me a note. It said: "Who will you date?" I wrote back, "I'm not sure. Probably you." What I wrote was true. Owen was the most calm. I hadn't seen him argue since 4th grade!
  2. After biology class was over I had a class with Rebekkah. "Rebekkah," I said to her while walking to class. "Who should I date?" "I don't know," she replied. "I'm new, remember?'' Oops, Rebekkah was new. "O--" "But probably Jace. He's cute," interrupted Rebekkah. "Whaddya think?" "Owen, probably," I replied. "We met at 5th or 6th grade." So Rebekkah liked Jason. I think all the guys I met are cute. But so is...
  3. ...that guy. I liked the way he talked. "Hello," he said to me. "I'm Avery." I didnt know what to say. I ran to class. I thought that I would be safe there, until I noticed that Avery was in my class. Fortunately, he didn't sit beside me. So I had the period alone. After class, Avery said to me, "Let's start all over. I'm Avery, and you are..." "Kate," I replied quietly. "But my nickname is Katie." After a few seconds of silence between Avery and I, the bell rang for lunch. Owen came dashing towards me. "So it seems that you had met Avery," he said. "Do you want to sit beside me, Kate?" I nodded. Owen doesn't call me by my nickname. I don't know why. At the cafeteria, Jake also wanted to sit beside me, so he said to Owen, "I want to sit beside Katie." Owen said to me, "Kate, sit in the middle of Jake and I." I did what I was told to do, but Jake said to Owen, "Don't let Kate sit in the middle. Go away." Owen sighed. "We could sit together tomorrow, Kate."
  4. It was a deal. But the following day, Avery wanted to sit beside me. "Even if Owen and I are the best of friends, I couldn't resist Owen sitting beside you." He begged and begged. Finally, I said, "No. Owen said to sit beside him yesterday, and it was a deal." So I sat beside Owen and told him what Avery said to me. "Kate, you're so sweet," Owen said. It looked as if Owen was about to give me a big kiss. But he didn't. He just smiled a big smile. "Thank you," I said.
  5. After lunch, we had free time. "Kathy," I said. "Let me guess. This is about dating, right?"asked Kathy. I nodded. "How did you and Jake break up?" I said. She told me the whole story. Here it is: Kathrine and Jake were going to an amusement park for a date. Jake wanted to go on "The Great War". It was the most famous and scariest rides in the park. "No," said Kathy. Jake said, "Come on, one time!" The argument went on. "Fine," said Kathy. "But, this has to be our last date". Well, I guess Kathy does get annoyed easily. So I'm still going for Jake. Also, who knows if it's going to be fun? Probably it will end up being a blast. I thought and thought. "Hey, Katie!" said Kathy. "Katie!" "Oh," I said. "I think I was foolish. I want to go on another date with Jake," said Kathy, guiltily. "Jake is fun."
  6. I looked at my schedule. 5 more minutes of free time left. "Hey," whispered a voice. I turned around. It was Carolyn, a very mean girl who was much older than me. She was 17. "Kiss Owen in front of me, or else I'm not going to let you date him." "Kiss Owen in front of me, or else I'll tell the world that you still pee in your pants," I replied fiercely. "You are not," said Carolyn. "Yes, and I am already." I showed Carolyn my phone. I sent a text message to a stranger named James. The bell rang. James sent me a text message back. It said: LOLOLOLOLOL!! James seems nice, so I said back, wanna be friends? "YES" he replied. "Text you later," I said.
  7. After school, I was home alone. Someone knocked on the door. I opened it. There was a stranger. "Hi," he said joyfully. "I'm James." "James?" I asked. I showed him my phone. "Yes, that James," he replied. "I'm Kate, how do you do?" James smiled. The blonde looked beyond cute when he smiles. Suddenly, I woke up. It was all a dream. It was early morning, 5:00. I was very tired. I usually wake up at 6:30 AM. All of a sudden, I heard a (real) knocking on my door. I groaned. "Come in," I said weakly. I didn't have enough energy to open the door.
  8. It was my little sister, Brooke. Brooke was an 8-year-old. "Brooke," I said, suddenly feeling my spine shivering with coldness. "W-w-why are you here...?" I felt hurt. What had happened? "Kate, you bumped your head on a tree while skiing.." "S-s-skiing?" I shook my head and suddenly felt weak. "Yes, skiing," Brooke said. I barely heard her. I felt very weak and could not even touch my head, but with all my energy, I touched it. "Ouch!" I screamed. I rested more and had a terrible dream. I didn't think I could go to school.
  9. After I woke again, I wanted company. I forgot to tell you, I have many siblings. 2 sisters, 2 brothers. "Andrew, Andrew," I said. He was 18. He didn't hear me. "Fiona? Fiona..." I tried calling. I could barely speak. I even called Derek and Brooke, who were both my younger siblings. Nobody could hear me. I groaned. But I tried again. Brooke had a good sense of hearing. "Brooke, Brooke." Brooke came. "What do you want?" She asked. "I want company," I replied. "I don't feel well." "Mom and Dad aren't home. What about I call Fiona?" I nodded. "Fiona. Yes. Fiona," I said weakly. I fell asleep for a couple seconds.
  10. I wished Fiona would arrive faster. When I asked her what took her so long, she didn't want to come so she was arguing with Andrew. I felt faint. Really faint. So faint that I wanted to...faint, so I fainted. Then I slept until 12:00. I still felt like I was unconscious. Suddenly, my phone rang. "Pass me the phone," I said to Fiona. "And leave me alone." I said that because it was Jason. I didn't want her to think that I will date him. Fiona's not into dating, but she'll be perfect for a boy. "No," said Fiona. "You still have concussion." "Yes, but I want to have a DIScussion on the phone." I said back. "Alone."
  11. "H-h-hello?" I said. "Kate! Where are you? Some people say you don't want to come, but I think you have concussion, since I know you're not sick," "Yes, I have concussion. I bumped into a tree in skiing class." I didn't want to talk anymore. I felt so tired. "I d-don't w-w-want to talk any--" I couldn't. I wanted to rest. I hung up and rested lots. "It'll be better in a few days," I told myself quietly, since I was so tired. Then I felt cold again and snuggled under the covers.

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