How well do you know The Clique?

Have you ever read The Clique series by Lisi Harrison? This quiz will determine whether you actually paid attention reading in her book. This tests your memory.

How good are you in memory? Fashion? In this quiz you will be put to the test by hard questions about if you really know The Clique or not. See if you can take the challenge.

Created by: Abby
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  1. In the first book, The Clique, what time does Massie, her dog Bean, and her dad go out walking?
  2. In the second book, Best Friends for Never, what did Massie promised Claire she would help her get if Claire helped her have a boy-girl party?
  3. In the third book, Revenge of the Wannabes, what does Alicia pass out to her friends to wear to let Massie know that they are on her side?
  4. In the fourth book, Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, what is the Valentines Day dance called?
  5. In the fifth book, The Pretty Commitee Strikes Back, what was their geography teachers name who took them on the trip?
  6. In the sixth book, Dial L for Loser, what present does Claire get on the set of Dial L for Loser with Massie and Alicia hosting The Daily Grind?
  7. In the seventh book, It's Not Easy Being Mean, what does Massie give Skye Hamilton that was supposively a graduation gift from Chris Abeley?
  8. Alicia: What is Alicias favorite saying?
  9. Claire: What does Claire do when she gets nervous?
  10. Dylan: How did Dylan lose so much weigh in little time?
  11. Kristen: What is the name of the soccer team she's on?
  12. Massie: What is Massie's horse named?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Clique?