The Extremely Hard Quiz About The Clique Series

I love the Clique series, and I made this quiz because I thought there weren't enough quizzes about this series that was challenging. So, I thought, hey, why don't I make my own quiz?

This is a quiz i made, and i know it says "extremely hard" but that really depends on your knowledge of the Clique series. So go ahead, start the quiz, and have fun!

Created by: Judy

  1. In Best Friends For Never, why is Cam's friend called Vader?
  2. In Best Friends For Never, why does Dylan eat two brownies at the party, breaking her raw food diet?
  3. In Best Friends For Never, who won the uniform contest?
  4. In Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, which of these items were NOT stolen by Nina?
  5. What was on Massie's mannequin the day of the packing meeting?
  6. How many boys have Claire flirted from books 1 to 10?
  7. Who did Skye Hamilton NOT kiss?
  8. What does Massie say she gave Todd to get him to feed her information in The Invasion Of The Boys Snatchers?
  9. What describes the prank Layne pulled on Skye to get Dune away from her for Kristen?
  10. What is Massie wearing the day the made-over trailers are revealed to the public?
  11. In These Boots Are Made For Stalking, who's look does Dylan choose for her makeover?

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