Which Clique character are You?

Ever wonder which charater you are most like in the clique. Take this quiz and answer the questions. If there are some you can't answer pretend you can and just pick one.

Are you: Claire, Massie, Alicia, Dylan or Layne? Answer what you best like and I will tell you at the end depending on your score. Good Luck.

Created by: Jenny

  1. What is your favourit thing to do?
  2. What's your favourite outfit?
  3. What's your favourite summer vacation?
  4. Where do you sit in the cafeteria?
  5. What's your favourite type of shoe?
  6. Most favourite designer?
  7. Whos the cutest boy in the Clique series?
  8. What's you favourite screen name?
  9. What's your status?
  10. Are you rich?
  11. A:Friendless loser B:Person with a lot of friends who secretly hate you

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Quiz topic: Which Clique character am I?