What clique character are you?

The clique is my fave series. I love it so much! I really think it is a great series. There is so much drama and love and crushes and gossip awesome!!

hWhich clique character are you most like? Are you funny like Dylan? Charming like Massie? Sweet like Claire? Athletic like Kristen? Or Beautiful like Alicia? Soon you will find out?

Created by: jen
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your hair color is
  2. Your crush says hi to you what do you think inside?
  3. Someone is spreading a nasty rumor about you! You
  4. If you could have any kind of pet it would be a
  5. You have become the alpha, what is the first thing you do to celebrate.
  6. The lip gloss you wear most
  7. Its after school you hit
  8. When you grow up, you wanna be
  9. What do your friends think of you
  10. Your favorite accessory is

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Quiz topic: What clique character am I?