Can you name the song?

Music is one of those things that connects people, generations, countries and feelings. How well do you know the following songs? Take this quiz and find out! Good luck everybody! Hi hi bye bye low high

Do you know the lyrics? Take this quiz and Find out here. Good luck everybody. Enjoy. Hello. Goodbye. Hello. Adios. 55643990000 &;~:(-&4 hello hello

Created by: Britt518
  1. Band- Steve Perry Lyrics- "Sweet Janis cried, Lord wont you buy a Benz for me. Jimmy was right, castles made of sand slip to the sea"
  2. Band- Sonny and Cher Lyrics- "Ride, i used to jump my horse and ride, i had a six gun at my side, i was so handsome women cried, and i got shot but i never died"
  3. Singer- Janis Ian Lyrics- "Come to my door baby, face is clean and shining black as night, my mother went to answer and you know that you look so fine"
  4. Singer- Cher Lyrics- "I was taught to be tough, that the best that you can be aint enough"
  5. Band- Heart Lyrics- "Cold, late nights so long ago, when i was not so strong you know, pretty man came to me, never seen eyes so blue"
  6. Singer- Pat Benatar Lyrics- "Your alarm clock rings but you dont move, but the wife gets up and puts on her uniform, you hear her in the bathroom couse shes got that nagging cough"
  7. Singer- Billy Idol Lyrics- "If you wanna rub-a-dub rub-a-dub, if you want a rub-a-dub tub love"
  8. Band- Concrete Blonde Lyrics- "And when ive had enough, i'll get a pick up truck and i'll drive away, i'll take my last ten bucks just as far as it will go"
  9. Band- Blue Oyster Cult Lyrics- "Catholic schoolgirls have thrown away their mascara, they chain themselves to the axels"
  10. Singer- Lorde Lyrics- "We wouldnt be seen dead here in the day, i guess youre lucky that its dark now, and if i like it then we'll stay"

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