Song knowledge101 for dummies

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Are you song smart or stupid? This quiz will determine that. Be prepared to answer questions, about any song or any artist in any music category. Have fun!!!

take my quiz if you know what's good for it or die!!!! You'll regret not taking it!!! I promise!!! It's soo fun!!! Please take my quiz!!! Please!!!

Created by: glowhert10
  1. Who sings Good Girl
  2. Which of these songs does Taylor Swift NOT sing
  3. Finish Moves like Jagger "You wanna know, how to make me smile, take control of me just for the night, ________________________________
  4. Call me maybe" is by...
  5. Amazing grace" has had this feature added on only in the last year...
  6. Where is George Straight from???
  7. What song is very Korean and very popular???
  8. Taylor Swift writes songs about...
  9. The one song people don't wanna hear in 2013 is...
  10. How do you think you did?

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