Are you a Melbourne Victory or Melbourne Heart Fan?

Which football team do you support in Melbourne? There is a new team in Melbourne: The Melbourne Heart. Are you suited to support the Melbourne Victory or the Melbourne Heart?

Are you a melbourne victory fan? or a melbourne heart fan? were you a melbourne victory fan but now a melbourne heart fan? or a melbourne heart pretentious upstarts?

Created by: Chumpion

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  1. Red or blue?
  2. What symbol do you like better a 'V' or a Heart?
  3. Do you prefer Holland or Scotland?
  4. 4-3-3 or 4-3-1-2?
  5. 100% Swan Street Stadium or 65%?
  6. You want to sack Ernie Merrick?
  7. Herald Sun or The Age?
  8. You want a supporters' trust for your club?
  9. You think expanding the Aleague will dilute the Aleague's talent pool.
  10. You like Kevin Muscat?
  11. Matt or Archie Thompson?
  12. YarraSide17 or Blue and White Brigade?
  13. Being apart of the foundation of a club is important?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Melbourne Victory or Melbourne Heart Fan?