How Melbourne are you?

There are many places in Florida that are special, but none as unique as Melbourne. Melbourne is not just a city, but an area made up of smaller little cities and towns. Melbourne is a place where you can enjoy the beach, the city, and the suburbs all in the same area. How cool is that? The people in Melbourne are also special. Snowbirds, tourists, hardcore natives, retirees, and college kids all call this place home.

How much do you know about Melbourne? Can you tell the natives from the snowbirds? The tourists from the new people in town who just haven't changed their license plate? After taking this quiz, maybe you'll take just a few seconds to think before you flip them the bird on A1A (or not)! In just a few minutes, you can find out!

Created by: penny
  1. The stop sign at Municipal and New Haven is:
  2. What do you call Macy's department store in the Melbourne Square Mall?
  3. You take your boat out on the river, but do you swim in the river?
  4. When you go to the beach, you go to:
  5. When you walk by Meg O Malley's, you think:
  6. Your 13 year-old brother wants a studded belt and a wallet w/ a chain. You go to:
  7. The month of May means:
  8. When you see condos being built in Melbourne you think:
  9. It's New Year's Eve. You are:
  10. It's summer time and it's about 3pm and it begins to rain- hard. You think:
  11. You live beachside. Why don't you want to go to take a short trip to get something?
  12. A new neighbor moves in next door and asks where to go to get something. You tell them it's just a short trip away. In Melbournese, this means:

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Quiz topic: How Melbourne am I?