The Amber Ashes

*PLEASE READ* Okay. In this story you have dark reddish brown hair and hazel eyes with golden frecks. Your hair is tied you in a pony tail in the back and you are average height.

In this series you will met many chacters and see some surprising twists. I'm sure you will enjoy my story and if not please tell me some new ideas to make it better.

Created by: kittykit
  1. It's Sunday and you just woke up and decide to take a walk in the woods. You love the sound of the cracking twigs and crunching leaves. But most of all, you love the birds. You hear them chirp back and forth and it calms you. Until all the birds went silent. You know when the birds fall silent there's danger near by so you draw your knife. You stand there listening for foot steps or sounds. But the woods has fallen dead silent.
  2. You decide to climb your favorite oak tree to see over the woods and to look for that something or someone. You find nothing. You carfully go back down still with your knife drawn and hear a pair of feet but not your own. You walk closer to the noise. And closer..and closer. Until you're face to face with your opponent. You hold up your knife ready to stab him when he says,"Woah there. Don't go all whack on me. I thought I wasn't the only one here." You stand there with a perpelxed and unconvinced look on your face. "Who are you?",you say in a firm and dangerous voice.
  3. He says,"My name is Eric. What's your name?" You realize he must not be a threat and put away your knife saying in reply,"______." You show him where you hide and how to climb a tree. He shows you how to tap a tree. When he looks up he says,"It's about noon,we should get going." "Yea.."
  4. As you're walking home you feel someone whack you on the head and you black out. You're not sure what happened but when you wake up you see Eric and he's beat up but not as bad as you are. "Hey sleepy head." You roll your eyes and laugh, he does too. He tells you that you and him were ambushed and that he litterally saved your life. When he tells you you thank him a million times. He says,"It's no big deal. They were just a couple of thugs." "No big deal?! Are you crazy? You saved my LIFE." "I know..." He pulls out some chocolates and gives them to you to cheer you up."Your mom said you would like these." When you open the box you find all of your favorite chocolates. Milk chocolate with caramel inside, dark chocolate, peanutbutter cups... You say,"Thank you so much." You offer him a chocolate but he refuses and says they were specifically for you.
  5. He says he has to go home and he'll see you tommorow. You say goodbye and slowly nibble on a piece of chocolate. Your mother brings you your lunch in bed. She asks you,"When did you meet him? He seems very nice.""I met him in the woods." and you continue to nibble on your chocolate."Don't eat too much chocolate sweetheart." You put the box away and your mom says that after you finish your lunch to take a nap.
  6. The next day you walk to school alone. And with a knife handy after yesterday's incident. As you walk to your locker you happen to here some girls talking about you and Eric. You listen closely to catch every word. They say,"Eric saved _____ yesterday!" "Really? He should have left her senseless there.""Oh don't be such a sour puss Emily!" 'Emily.' You think. The name rings a bell. ou try to remember. Then it hits you. Emily ambushed you. Emily mumbles,"I wish Tom wasn't so weak." 'Tom must have helped her. I remember him. He would always beat up my brother and I would come and fight back.' As you think about past memories of the two the bell rings and you snap back into reality.
  7. Okay! Since the questions were long I'm ending it here. I'm gonna make part two sometime later today.
  8. Well I want you to rate it could you do that for me?
  9. I also want you to comment on what you thought of this story. I won't really have results cause you only know one boy.
  10. Okay so bye!

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