Famous: a love story (part 3)

Woo-who, you've made it to LA! Now it's time to go to the studio for the first time. Meet your costars. Perhaps you'll find a little romance, and perhaps you'll find a rival or two. Who knows?

Ya'll know the drill. Read, rate comment, and give me suggestions. I'd love to get more name ideas, since I'm running low on them. Enjoy the story, and may the odds be ever i your favor! (I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist.)

Created by: SilverBlueMoon

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  1. Your alarm clock's annoying ring startles you from your sleep. My mumble incoherently as you sit up, blinking your bleary eyes. You make your way to the bathroom, stumbling along like a sleepwalker or a zombie, where you take a quick shower and brush your teeth. A little more alert than before, you manage to wander over to your closet, where you pick out the day's clothing. You choose:
  2. Your alarm clock's annoying ring startles you from your sleep. My mumble incoherently as you sit up, blinking your bleary eyes. You make your way to the bathroom, stumbling along like a sleepwalker or a zombie, where you take a quick shower and brush your teeth. A little more alert than before, you manage to wander over to your closet, where you pick out the day's clothing. You choose:
  3. You stand in the middle of your room for a second, attempting to decide what to do next. Finally, you recall that you are suppossed to eat breakfast before leaving. The only thing you find in the pantry is a box of slightly stale rasin cereal. After a half-hearted search, you decide that there are no bowls in the kitchen. You start picking out the cereal by the fistfull and chewing it as you wander toward your window. The view outside is beautiful, in an urban sort of way. You can just see a flash of the ocean between the tall buildings that stand in your way. Thoug it's still early, the streets are filled with people already.
  4. You manage to stop a taxi about a block away from your apartment. You give the driver the directions to your studio and turn to stare out of the window. A couple of times, you think that you spot a famous actor or singer, but you shake it off. You pass in front of a full Starbucks, and you bury your face in your hands, groaning as you remember yesterday's...incident.
  5. When you reach the studio, only a handful of people are there. You meet with the director outside the front door. She smiles thinly when she sees you, pushing away from the wall on which she was reclining. "Ah, Thea, you made it," she says. You grin hugely. "Yeas, I did," you reply. "Good," the director tells you. "Well, we want you to meet your co-stars first, and then we can focus on getting you into the costume fitting before lunch." "Sounds good," you say, your stomach already grumbling at the thought of eating something more substancial than old cereal.
  6. The director leads you to a room filled with comfy-looking chairs. Three other people, two girls and a boy, recline on the chairs. They look up at you as you enter. "Thea, I'd like you to meet Luka, your co-star," the director tells you, indicating the boy. He nods his head briefly. You study him. Luka has deep brown black eyes, dark ear-length hair, and olive skin.
  7. "These are Rayne and Sonny," the director continues, indicating the two girls. "They're sisters," she tells you. Rayne, the oldest, wore her hair in a short, spikey pixie cut. The light brown hair had blue streaks in the bangs. Sonny's hair was longer, reaching almost to her shoulder. It had pink strands all over it. The girls had almost identical green eyes and full red lips. Rayne had to be around nineteen, while Sonny was sixteen or so.
  8. "Uh, nice to meet you," you say, ever the brilliant coversationalist. Rayne gives you a lopsided half smile, but Sonny barely acknowledges your precence. Luka, however, looks up at you for the first time. He tilts his head slightly, studying you. "Same," he finally announces.
  9. You suffer though five minutes of strained silence where both you and Luka try (and fail) to make small-talk. Rayne laughs politely when required, but otherwise remains silent. Sonny stares angryly at her cell phone. "Time for costume fittings!" yelled the director, her head popping back into the room. "Thank goodness," you think, getting up.
  10. The costume department was run by a tall woman, who might have been beautiful under all of her tattoos and botox. Her assistant was a small, red-faced, fussy man. They make you stand in the center of the room while they measured you from head to toe. You weren't even aware that someone need to know the thickness of your earlobe in the first place. After that, they push you around, looking at you in natural and artifical light. They drape brilliantly colored fabrics of every hue and material possible around you, writing notes and murmuring quietly to themselves. If it weren't so frightening, you might even have laughed at the whole situation. As it is, you just want it to end.
  11. "Breaktime!" calles the costume director's assistant, throwing down her cell phone. "Everyone's going to each lunch together." You stand up and gather your stuff, massaging your sore foot. (it fell asleep halfway through the fitting.) You meet up with the other actors and main crew people in the lobby of the studio. Everyone then piles into one of three black cars in a row. You get squeezed in the last one with Rayne and Sonny. Sonny glared at you coldly the minute the three of you are alone.
  12. Finally, you can't take it anymore. "What?" you ask Sonny. "You know," she snaps. You blink, confused. "No, I really don't" you reply. "Yeah right." she huffs. Finally, she just burst out and says it. "Luka's mine!" You stare at her in astonishment. "Excuse me?"
  13. "Just because..." she hisses coldly, "Just becuase your character ends up with Luka in the movie, don't you dare think for a moment that he's yours. Because he's not." "I wouldn't dream of it," you snap coldly. Normally, you try to be nice to everyone, but Sonny has gone too far. "Ignore her," whispered a softer voice to your other side. You turned to face the speaker. Rayne continued calmly. "The two of the were together, once. But then, Luka was in a film with another girl, and he liked her better than Sonny." "Oh," you say, understanding dawing on you. "But then..." you begin. "Yeah," Rayne agreed. "The two didn't last. Now Luka and Sonny are almost back together, but not quite. And she's terrified that every teenage actress he meets is her direct competition." "Shut up," yelled Sonny, looking up from her cellphone for the first time in minutes. "Just leave it will you? He's mine. He always was, and he always will be."
  14. When you arrive at the restaurant, you jump out of the car as quickly as you can. The enourmous dining salon is painted in a soft golden color. The floors are dark red wood, worn down with thousands of footprints. A row of floor-to-ceiling windows cover the far wall, letting in a flood of natural light. You're led to a huge round booth which easily seats all ten of you at the table. The director instantly begins a conversation with the costume duo, the three scripwriters, and the head of scenery. You sit next to Rayne, making a point of not looking at either Sonny or Luka.
  15. In the end, you decide to order the shrimp coctail. You pop a bright pink shrimp into the bowl of red sause before taking an expiramental bite of it. Your eyes widen in astonsihment, realising how good it is. The sause is tangy and spicy causing your eyes to water slightly, and the shrimp is so fresh it tastes like the ocean. A high, shrill laugh snaps you back to reality. Against your will you find your eyes drawn to where Sonny and Luka sit. She's obviously attempting to flirt with him. Sonny's halfway on his lap, pressing herself against his stiff body. Luka meets your eyes across the table, grimicing slightly. You smirk right back at him. Luka's eyes widen, and he stifles what is either a laugh or a cough. Perhaps it's both. You nod in Sonny's direction before turning deliberatly away from him. You hope that Luka does the same before Sonny notices who he is looking at. Otherwise, you might not live long enough to become famous.
  16. You catch a ride home in the studio's car. Sonny exclaims in horror when she sees your apartment. "It's so ugly!" she cries. "Mine is so much better" she hastens to add. Rayne shakes her head at her sister. "It's perfectly normal," she tells her. You nod, too weary to even try to fight. "Well, we'll send someone to pick you up tomorrow," chirped the director. "Fair enough," you call back. The film crew dissapears from your room, and you collapse on your bed. In a few minutes, you'll get up and go buy food. In a few minutes...
  17. So, what did you think? I know that there are typos, but I tried to get rid of as many as possible. Comment, rate, and suggest ideas! PS: if you want to read more by me, head over to Fanfiction.net and look up "SilverBlueMoon."

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