Harry Potter Love Story

Harry Potter is a fantastic story, and i have copied it to make it a story of love and romance centreing around the main characters and you.many boys loke you, so you need to choose one to go out with.

This quiz tells a story where you can add and choose where it goes amd who os the right boy for you. After many encounters with many boys, the quiz will deside who os best for you. Have fun!

Created by: Lani_Rocks11

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  1. So it's time to go back to school after your summer hols. You are now starting your 5th year at Hogwarts. The previous years were the times when you didn't really notice anybody special, but that is changing now. Who have you got your eye on at the moment?
  2. So you're on the train and none of the carriages are empty. However, you notice that some of your friends are sharing an almost - empty carraige. Who are your friends?
  3. The train stops and you head to the great hall. But before you can sit down at your house table, someone grabs you and pulls you into an empty class room nearby. Who do you hope it is?
  4. It turns out to be Draco, being as mysterious as always. "Hi" he says. "Er, hi." You reply. You are wondering what this is about. The classroom seems very small and you notice how close you are standing to Draco. Suddenly, Draco pulls you closer to him and kisses you coldly. What are you thinking?
  5. However, you find yourself kissing back with as much enthusiasm. But Draco pulls away and walks off, abandoning you surprised and flustered. You walk back into the great hall, trying to act as if nothing has happened. Harry sees through your poker face and asks what's wrong. You answer that you're fine, and Harry says that he wants to meet up with you in the morning before lessons start. Distracted, you say yes before realising what he just asked you. What are you thinking now?
  6. The next morning you wake up early to see Harry. You wear:
  7. Just as you're on your way to the school grounds, you are stopped by Neville. "Oh, hi Neville." you say. " um, er, h-hi" he replies you are about to walk away when he stops you and says you look pretty. What do you make of this?
  8. Finally, you find Harry waiting for you by the lake. "Sorry i took a while. I ran into Neville". Harry seems to ignore your apology and simply stares at your chest. Whatever you are wearing, it seems to make them stand out more. What do you think of this?
  9. Before you can say anything about his wandering eyes, Harry then touches you in the same way his eyes did. You are glad you are in a sheltered space. Harry lays you down gently and takes a chance by sweetly kissing you on the lips. You find yourself kissing back. Then he slides his hand up your top towards your bra and takes your top/dress/jumper off. What do you do?
  10. You stand up and get dressed. That was scary. You then run off to your dormitory to get into your robes before class. You avoid Harry for the rest of the day. However, you do bump into Ron as you leave potions class, and he asks you if you want to go out with him next hogsmeade trip coming up. You look into his hopeful, worried eyes and say alright. Do you actually want to go?
  11. After you're encounter with Ron, you bump into Draco and he drops a note at your feet. How rude! You pick it up and open it to see it read: SORRY ABOUT BEFORE. WANNA COME WITH ME TO HOGSMEADE NEXT TRIP? Do you want to go?
  12. Still not replying to Draco's note, you walk down the corridor, passing Fred/George. He winks at you and you blush. He then asks if you want to spend the next trip to Hogsmeade with him. What? Leaving him hanging, you run off. Thoughts?

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