Harry Potter, a lovr triangle

Do you love love dramas then take this quiz.Find out whos right for you.This storyis about a girl tied between 3 boys Harry Potter draco malfoy and ron weasley.

Rons got the cute ginger hair, dracos the bad boy and Harry has a mega on you ;) yay. Wouldn't have a bit of trouble deciding?its a truly exciting story format.Hope you lile it

Created by: Amira

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  1. Your an 11 year old named Maisy Wood.Your parents told you about hogwarts a long time ago.Your letter finally came today.You head to diagon alley and buy your wand (13 in. Maple Unicorn tail hair core.)You buy a pretty owl named shadow and buy all your schoolbooks.You are exploring when you bump into Harry Potter!!!You apologize and he accepts it and stares at you, you...
  2. Whatever you did you walk away and go home.So fast forward your on the hogwarts express and you see Harry again.You ask if you can sit in his compartment and he says yes.You sit next to him. You chat for a little while and you go to the lunch cart to grab some sweets.You come back laden with chocolate frogs and licorice wands.He asks if he can have one you say...
  3. If you didn't share just click didn't happen.You start to hand him a chocolate frog and you accidentally put your hand on top of his.He looks you in the eyes and leans closer and closer. You close your eyes and think
  4. He seems to be debating whether or not he should kiss you. He settles on no. Your thoughts..
  5. So you get up to use the washroom and hit draco.He bravely says follow me you protest but he grabs your arm and leads you to his compartment you say...
  6. So you manage to break away from malfoy and you yell Harry what happened cause you were gone for a good 20 minutes(it took you some time to find your way to the washroom.He says he'll sort it out.You don't see him till you arrive at hogwarts and he is sporting a really really bloody nose, you want to ask if he's okay but then the sorting seremony begins. You sit on the stooland place the hat on your head. It says"you have all the qualities of the 4 houses you are fair and loyal ooh amd ambitious you are exceptionally brave to but you are very very wotty. I think I'll place you in...you hear the hat shout Ravenclaw and hear cheers deam the nearest table.You join them and sit next to a pretty indian girl."hi I'm Padma"your reaction is...
  7. Fast forward, its Christmas break yuo plan to spend it with..
  8. So now the drama begins.You and Harry are walking down the charms corridor holding hands when ron comes walking down the steps and stops at the sight you and Harry, but the draco walks in from the other end of the corridor!you...
  9. Im bored
  10. Rate comment please the rest of this will be in part 2 bye
  11. This is my first one so sorry if the results are not totally accurate

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