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Day One! Also, here's rule number one when it comes to Quidditch and flying "Eyes on the sky". Let's see how you first day in a coma is with the first guy by your side. It's none other than Harry James Potter.

Look into the mind of your favorite Hogwart's Love Interest! Who knows, it may be heartfelt, filled with sorrow or things you might not have known. It's an invasion of privacy but we're all curious.

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. Finally, Harry's special! Before, I start the special; I like to remind you there will be a number of specials before Pt. 36. By that I mean, I will be doing a special for all of the boys and I will end every special to give you the idea who is coming up next! Also, every special means a day has gone by in the story. Now, without further ado, I think it's time for the special you all been waiting for. Here is the song /watch?v=RKF2MzAHe8Y and now go enjoy !
  2. "You guys go I'll stay with her" Everyone gave me stares and agreed that wasn't the best idea. On my account, it was only fair that I stayed with her, I saw the bludger ramming towards her but I didn't say anything. All I did was scream at her and tell her to watch out I should have taken the hit.
  3. She laid there with her hair in a messy ponytail, it was a horrible sight. She just...started to lose it, I don't know. I thought it was the Snitch but the way she was shaking her head and then...the bludger heading her way, when I called out to her, she stopped shaking and the bludger rammed right in her rib cage and blood came out from her mouth. She fell off her broom and was heading for the ground but Oliver, in a blink of an eye, swooped down and caught her. I was stunned but I immediately flew down by their side. I could never forget it. She was always there to protect me and now when I had the chance...I froze up.
  4. We rushed her to the Hospital Wing in a heartbeat. Ebony, JJ, Reese, Luna, Ron, Hermione, the Twins, Cedric, Neville, Oliver and surprisingly Draco were all there for her. Oliver laid her down on the bed, I saw a nerve twitch in not Cedric's but everyone's jaw. Madam Pomfrey came in barging after complaining there were too many people, all the guys started arguing, and JJ and Ebony got their voice in. Reese remained quiet. "You guys go. I'll stay with her" I said loudly, it was decided after that; Madam Pomfrey rushed everyone out leaving only ______ and I. I sat on the stool beside her and took her hand. She was breathing but she wasn't waking up. “I’m sorry…” I said softly, she didn’t move and I could feel a lump form in my throat making it hard for me to swallow. “I’m sorry…” My eyes became misty “I didn’t try hard enough…” I moved closer to her head and took off her hair-tie that held her hair up. The smell of fragrant flowers awakened my senses as her hair was now free, I ran my fingers through her hair but watched her lay lifeless in front of me. I took my hand back and placed my head down by her side. The emotions I felt were becoming unbearable. “I didn’t save you…I didn’t try hard enough…I’m…I’m sorry.” I said in a hoarse muffled voice.
  5. I let the girl I care about, the girl who has been there for me, fall before my eyes…and it wasn’t me who caught her. I brought my head up with my eyes stinging from my tears, a distorted image of her before my eyes with her eyes shut tight. I needed her to wake up. I grabbed her hand and tilted her head towards my chest, holding her in my embrace. “Why couldn’t it be me? You don’t deserve any of this. You need to wake up. You have everything ahead of you.” I said trying to sound confident as if she could hear me, the scent of her hair didn’t want me to let go but I couldn’t strain her neck, I gently placed her head back and caressed her cheek. She was warm but not warm enough, not the warmth I felt whenever she smiled at me and called my name. This was entirely my fault. I was the reason she was here.
  6. Hours passed by and the sun was about to set. I haven’t left my seat and there were no signs of her waking up. It should have been me who got hit by the bludger, I should have flew in front of her as soon as I saw that bludger head towards her, I should be here lying in a coma. I wanted to scream, I wasn’t over the fact that she was here because of me and I was still upset that Oliver saved her instead of me. She would never love me now, she risked her life for me and in return…I didn’t do anything. Her hand was still in mine and I didn’t want to let go but a few minutes ago, Neville passed by with news that everyone agreed until she wakes up, we will all spend a day with her. My day will be up soon and I intend to spend every last minute with her. Who knows…the hit could have been worst.
  7. They say talking to a person when they’re in a coma helps them to wake up. I cleared my throat and moved closer to her face “______.” Her name was already making me want to cry knowing she wouldn’t respond. I took a moment before speaking again, I gave her hand a squeeze and exhaled “I know…that you can hear me, and I really need you to wake up now. I’m sorry…I’m sorry that I didn’t do anything to protect you.” A silence filled the room before I could continue “If you do remember what I’ve said, then I understand if you never want to talk to me again.” The thought of her never talking to me again pained me but I felt it was the right thing to say at the time. “But if you can truly hear me and decide you never want to talk to me again, I just want you to know one thing.” I looked down before looking at her angelic face and envisioning a smile. “You truly are one of the most spontaneous girls that I have ever met, I never met a girl quite like you who would rather battle werewolves and face death than go shopping.” I gave a small chuckle imaging her comeback to my sentence “I know, last year, I haven’t been the greatest to you especially after the Yule Ball…but you know, that I’m really trying to work things out between us because…I’m hoping something more will come out of it.” I smiled
  8. “I don’t want to be without you because without you…” I took a deep breath “Without you, I’d be nothing. I’m not exaggerating because I’m not half the person I am when you’re not around me. You push me to my best, you’re patient with me, you always know what to say and you’re always there for me. So, please don’t leave me.” A thought passed and I was overwhelmed with sadness “Just don’t leave me, I don’t…I don’t want to see someone I love leave…again. Just wake up. Please. I promise if you do, that I’ll risk my life for you. I rather have me in the hospital bed than you any day. I promise…”
  9. I let an hour pass before the castle basked in the moonlight’s glow. I was about to nod off before a visitor decided to stop by, out from the door was Ron. “Hey, how is she doing?” He asked as he walked over, I gave a smile and slowly shook my head. “She hasn’t moved an inch. I’m just glad she’s still breathing.” I said looking down at her hand that was still in mine. Ron stood by my left and looked down at her; even for him it wasn’t easy for him to see her like this. “I still think this is my fault.” I blurted out; Ron didn’t say anything at first which only made me believe what I said was true. “Don’t think like that.” He finally said. I gave a laugh “Way to be hesitant about it.” I heard him smirk before he turned around to face me “Well, it’s not your fault. It was a rouge bloody bludger, you were shocked and paralyzed.” “Yeah, and because of that she’s here!” I shouted which made Ron retreat to his quiet position; I sighed and looked at him. “I’m sorry. I just still wish it was me instead of her.” He blurted into a laugh which made me uneasy but at least he agreed “You know, normally as a friend, I’m obligated to agree with you but…” “You’d honestly win the best friend award.” I joked around with him, he shoved me and I shoved him back and we shared a hearty laugh. It eventually died down when Ron crossed his arms and looked at me “You STILL shouldn’t think like that. We can’t mope around and feel sad about what happen; we just need to be positive that she’ll awake any moment now.”
  10. I smiled and thanked him before looking at _____ face one more time. “Have you, ever felt this way about a girl? I really can't describe it really..." I said rubbed my thumb over the face of her hand. He moved over to the window and leaned against it. He didn't answer me for a while until I looked at him "You mean the feeling of butterflies but the shock of electricity whenever she touches you, looks at you or calls your name?" The way he described it opened my eyes, it was as if, he felt everything I felt whenever I'm with her. I saw the shift in his eyes towards her and then towards me, he smiled "Nope." He's a terrible liar. Right there, I knew. He feels exactly the same way about her, the same way I do. But as a friend, he’s obligated to that.

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