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  • A[no urls] I like this part! :) I have noticed before that Harry hasn't really showed his affection to the main character in the past so it's nice to see this side of him. He shouldn't really be putting down on himself though; he couldn't have done much to help her. Harry is pretty much the only guy (besides Neville) who hasn't hurt the main character to a huge extent. That's what I like about him though my favourite guy is Oliver. Harry's probably third next to Draco. I can't wait for the next special and see the next guy's side to this whole thing! =D *cheers* Next special!

    By the way, natuhleegayle, is it okay if you read my series "My Tears Are For You"? I would like feedback from you because you're such an awesome writer!

  • @TatiJudith3 - Good prediction! Awee, cheer up! There is still more to come!

    @HogwartsL ove - LOL. Thanks you and the way you're speechless says a lot so it's fine! Yeah, I really like the song too! There's more to come, I've been planning the perfect songs to go with the guys! and I think it is possible :)

    @Sage Parson - Thank you so much! Haha! Well, the twins should have a special some time soon but idk when will that be :)

    @spotty dinosaur - Thank you soooo much! LOL. Harry blaming himself for your condition is cute is a bit of an oxymoron. Don't you think? You'll wake up...in about 6 days :)

    @ayamesho - Thank yooou! Dry your tears! Haha!

    @5thMaraud er - It is Harry's personality, hun! And yes, ALL of the boys get a special! Haha! But I don't know when he'll come ;) Yes! Oliver saving you shows that he still cares about you no matter what.

    @AiFiahK3m E - Haha! Yeah, those bludgers aren't fun but oddly for Oliver, it was so common; no one actually cried over him. Which I kind funny but sad.

    @DragonRide r284 - Yay! More love for Harry! The standings for all the guys are shocking. I would have to say based on reactions:

    1. Neville
    2. Draco
    3. Ron / Twins / Harry
    4. Oliver
    5. Cedric.

    It would be something like that. I know that Neville captured most of everyone's hearts but then again that's just my opinion.

  • @Calypso1315 - Haha! Yuup !

    @5thMarauder - ah, I know how that feels! Hope you get it done on time and it's okay! I don't mind! I'm pretty strang myself :)

    @Obssions0112 - just curious, how many times have you taken this quiz? Hope your homework is easy & haha! That song is so beautiful! :)

    @rosekat - really? That's such an accomplishment! I feel really proud of myself! Thank you very much! And well, if anything, it's alright. I understand! A loss loved on in your family is still hard. Head up :)

  • @bunnirox1686 - I'll add you! It didn't, hmm. Don't worry! Thank you so much! Haha, soon you will!

    @Bluebird - Awee! Haha! Thanks so much :)

    @Fairygal - Thank you so much! Haha, yeah! Harry is really subtle about everything except that time he lost his cool after the Yule Ball! Well, we still have 6 guys to go through maybe Draco or Oliver will be next after the new special I just posted up! The title intrigues me, I'll be sure to read it! Thank you so much :)

    Hogwarts Love Story Special is up! :)

  • @spotty dinosaur - Ohhh! LOL, okay & an oxymoron is when you have two words in the same sentence when describing but they have opposite meanings (eg. The blazing ice) yeah, ice can't be blazing or it'll melt. Not really common in most literature but I tend to use it.

    @Obssions011 2 - well, relax. I should have Ron's special up soon :)

  • @HPlover - Thank you very much! Oh, is that so? Well, maybe you just think like them...?

    @noelle520 - Thank you so much! Hopefully, it'll be up today!

    @xxblutix x - Thank you! Haha! Yeah, it is Harry's personality. He doesn't want anyone involved and you know his famous line "I never wanted any of you to die for me." He'll be saying that a lot in mine...

    @Obssion 0112 - Aww, I know Harry was your favorite guy! :) Thank you so much! Haha, don't worry. I won't let Harry stick to his promise.

    @FIndui las - Thank yooooou! :)

    @amazingfulyw eird - Yep, Ron's moment will come next! And that's true! But seeing as he didn't know what was going through your head, he blames you for getting hit. He actually thought you lost it or control of the broom! But, yeah, it is partially everyone's fault.

    @Gryffind or0722 - Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! Haha! I think true love's kiss will have to wait after the specials or maybe ... idk if I'll even put a kiss. Thanks for that comment :$

    @Calypso1315 - LOL. Has it been 10 months since I've been writing? Wow, that's amazing. Haha! Thank you so much and hopefully later today.

    @_ViolaLo ver_ - LOL. It's okay. It's fine! Thank you very much :)

  • Im going to be technical for a second and ruin th moment so if you dont want your moment ruined then dont read this I just had to say it cause it was on my mind:

    Technically it is semi his fault, (same with everyone else) cause he said stuff that was stuck in 'my' head which caused the dream which influenced the thoughts at the Quidditch game

    Sorry if I ruined your moment but I did warn you

  • Wow.

    I wish there were words that could describe the rush of feeling and emotion I get when I read your story. Especially during this one, since I love Harry. LOL. But I no doubt could just rant about my adoration for your bloody style. Instead, however, I'm going to take this quiz again.

  • YAY the first of the specials is out! I can't wait for the next ones :) I agree with noelle520 that they're a super idea!

    I consider Harry just a friend, but it made me so sad to see him beating himself up over the whole incident. Then again, that is Harry's personality :/ When I wake up, I do NOT want him staying true to that promise; I don't want him to risk his life for me... that promise is sooo like him to do though...

  • @natuhleegayle, yay Oliver cares no matter what!! That made my day lol! Well evening.. But I have to do a whole project before tomorrow .. Ugh annoying things are annoying.Oliver,Oli ver,Oliver! Cats. Please excuse my strange behaviour,I'm kinda bored

  • Don't like Harry, I like Neville. With that being said I dot think Harry should blame himself, or try to protect me. We do need him save the wizarding world so he can't go dying just yet. But it was really cute how Ron lied he is such a great best friend. I don't want Ron to like me he has to like Hermione.

  • Oops. Hey, natuhleegayle, I just got a Pottermore account. I'm NoxWild4741, so add me please! I looked you up but it didn't register. Anyway, LOVED THE QUIZ! Finally, Harry's part special, I wish I could just wake up, hug him and tell him it's not his fault!

  • great quiz I don't know how you manage to make me feel sympathy for all of them especialy harry because I only see him as a freind but you always do and I saw what you posted on my other comment and that is really sweet of you but don't feel to bad because I wasn't like super close to him but I'm just kinda close to my great aunt and cousin so I was helping her and my cousin and all of them set up but it's still kinda sad and thanks. and as always KEEP WRITING!!!!! oh ps. how are you gonna do it when the twins come? like will they be seprate or what? signed the amazingly awesome totaly terifical and completly humble (lol) rosekat

  • You have no idea how much I love you for this. I literally cried, I absoultly died when boy's cry over this kind of stuff. And all I can think is I love Harry I want to wake up and kiss you or maybe you should kiss me so we can live happily ever after I love you! And i love you girl now i've got to go compose myself.

  • That. There. Right there, made me fall for harry.

    I mean, i like everyone but Oliver and Cedric but he just got bumped up that little bit right there. I love your writing Nat! Don't ever stop! Can't wait for the next one and I hope you become an author one day :)

  • Aww poor Harry :(

    I don't usually like Harry but it was really unfair that he kept blaming himself. Does Oliver get one of these specials? I wanna know what he'd say seeing "me" like that ;D

  • I really love the idea of these specials and I cannot wait for the next one!! I usually don't like Harry but him blaming himself for what happened is so cute.. I wish I'd wake up and tell him it's not!

    spotty dinosaur
  • Hm.
    Very interesting... *holds back emotions*



    To bad I'm not in love with Harry though. My heart shall belong to the twins, and ONLY the twins.

    Lol! Can't wait for the rest of the specials! I'll be checking in daily!!

    See ya! Until then, Chao!! :)

    Sage Parson
  • I'd say six times... I have an addiction but whatever yeah I finished my homework, so now I should really think of something else to do... That was a perfect song.

  • Oh my god I have to stop taking this before I die. I have cried each time. Bt I can't because I love harry so much god I have to do my home work but I will listen to that fabulous song.

  • @PersonXD - LOL. Ouch. Yeah, he shouldn't! That's true and yeah, it's a best friend thing! Haha! Don't worry, Ron will end up with Hermione but there will be an alternate when he ends up with "you"

  • >:

    Don't think like that, Harry :( It wasn't your fault... It was a stupid dream and a stupid bludger, not you >:

    Crap, now I know how Oliver probably feels like when HE's hit by bludgers all the time >.>

  • Oh. My. God.

    I know you said you had a supirse for me, but this is like...Christmas coming early, and lasting for ten months!

    Truly, you are amazing, Nat! When are you updating the next part?!?

  • I don't mean cute in that way! I mean like "aww Harry you're really sweet but it's not your fault I got hit with a bludger!" I mean cute in that way. Oh! And I have no idea what an oxymoron is...;) lol

    spotty dinosaur
  • i love harrry forever and always and i feel terrible that he thinks its his faultt :( i have an idea! true love's kiss! Harry , kisss me :*... thee special is now my absolute favorite! your an amzing writer natuhleegaylee


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