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  • "bump"
  • "just an update in case any of you bother to check back or care. not much has happened recently. But, I asked him out a week ago. It was the ..."
  • "@redawn that girl is a genius! i like her way of thinking! :P"
  • "@redawn that girl is a genius! i like her way of thinking! :P"
  • "ok a small update that may include a setback. well first, today was the birthday of the girl he used to like. so i decided to"
  • "haha! the fresh air thing! ok, i'll take that advice. if you dont mind checking back every now and then incase something happens, i'll post ..."
  • "Thank you thank you so much! :D ok i know i'm seeming a little paranoid, but you've just put my mind at ease. thank you sooo much. Je"
  • "Ok, so I'm 16 and in yr 11. There's this guy I like at my school and recently I've been getting the feeling that he likes me too. I'd notice..."
  • Favorite quotes?
    ""Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - unknown "
  • "@TLFan ok well first off, im sorry to hear about your friend. but you cant really choose who you're attracted to. now, basically your"
  • "ok guys im calling a favour here... so iv got this guy. im pretty good friends with him and i really like him. he got turned down by another..."
  • "@Samalama ok this is quite simple. you have to ask yourself how well you know him. im going to take a guess here and say you know him"
  • "@miniG first off love the dp. and thank you for your kind words. i understand that your first real relationship is tough to come to t"
  • "@Vira If what you say is true, then you need to explain to his ex the truth of what happened and that it began on a friends only basi"
  • "sure @Vira, what's up... @MiniG1, please refrain from offering your nonexistent help to people who genuinely want REAL help. thank you."

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