Hogwarts Love Story Special - ______'s flashback

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Surprise! The flashback will be written in _____'s point of view. So, do you want the full story of your parents? Well, here it is. It might be emotional but at least you get a better feel for it.

Thank you for all the support you've given me up to this point! I really didn't think I would make it this far with all of you supporting me till the very end! I am truly blessed! Thank you so much!

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  1. Hey guys! I made the flashback a special! So, after this special it's Part 42 but that won't happen for a while. Here is the song for the special and if it stops because what I've written is too much, play it back from the start or halfway! Here you go /watch?v=gQ9cXXMXgig Enjoy!
  2. “Alright, ________, you can open your eyes now!” A voice in my ears said with glee, I opened my eyes slightly and in front of me was a birthday cake with white vanilla frosting, pink icing along the rim of the cake and in the middle it said “Happy 5th Birthday ________!” I smiled with glee as I looked up to see a beautiful woman holding the cake and a handsome man holding her around her waist. “Happy birthday, sweetie!” The woman said as she placed the cake down on the table in front of me. “But what’s a birthday without a present?” The man said as he let go of the woman’s waist and bent down holding out a box with red and white strips as the wrapping “Happy Birthday, Love!” I extended my arms and I remember being so happy. I tore the gift open and it was a stuffed Dragon. “Mummy, Mummy! Daddy got me a Dragon!” I said with a high pitched voice and hugged it close to my heart. I watched as the woman who was my Mum gave a kiss to the man, who was my father on the cheek. He turned to face her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.
  3. The image distorted, I was in my old house and I was 7 years old now. “______, call your Dad for dinner.” Your Mum said as she placed the plates down. I went to my Dad’s office where he spent his days there, I slightly opened with window and it creaked. My dad was on the phone. “Daddy, Mum said it’s time for dinner.” My Dad peered over his shoulder and placed a finger on his lip. “Yeah? Well, tell Arnold to leave it on my desk and I’ll take it up with Dolores-fine, fine. Have your owl deliver it to my house. Alright, alright, thanks Stephanie.” He hanged up the phone and turned around facing me with an exhausted face. “Sweetie, just start eating with your Mum. I’m a little busy.” He gave a bearing smile and turned around facing the scattered papers on his desk.
  4. I walked back to my Mum who just finished placing the food on the table. “Mum, Dad said he’s busy and-” With my words, my Mum sighed and the towel she used to touch the hot pot of food, she threw violently on the table. She passed by me and I walked over to the staircase which was just beside my Dad’s office but out of sight. I held the Dragon my dad gave me 2 years ago to my chest. “This is the first time we’re having dinner together after a very long time, I thought you said you weren’t working today?” My mum’s voice demanded answers. “Stephanie called and I have to finish this; just take _____ and start eating.” My dad’s voice was exhausted and strained “Stephanie again?” “Yes, Stephanie. I work with her, what does it matter?” He sounded annoyed to my Mum’s question. I could hear her scoff as I held my Dragon close as I told him, it’ll be okay. “You can attend to Stephanie’s needs but you can’t spend a dinner with your family?” My dad stood up as I heard the floor boards creaked “Sweetie, you’re delusional.” He said bluntly. “AM I!?” My Mum yelled but my Dad asked her to lower her voice for my sake. “EVERYTIME I ASK YOU FOR SOMETHING, PICKING ME UP AT WORK, ASK YOU TO PICK UP SOMETHING ON THE WAY HOME, PICKING UP OUR OWN DAUGHTER ______; YOU ALWAYS SAY THE SAME THING “I can’t, Stephanie…” IT’S ALWAYS HER!” My Mum was screaming and I let go of my Dragon and covered my ears with tears in my eyes.
  5. “Honey!” My dad’s voice said softly but I could hear my mum restraining. “Honey! HONEY!” My Mum was crying, my Dad said with a gentle voice. I didn’t know what was happening but I could hear my Dad calming down my Mum. “Don’t think like that, I love you. Please, just go eat dinner with ______. We don't want her to think things aren’t fine. Okay?” My Dad requested his selfless wish. I guessed from the next noise that my Dad kissed my Mum. My Mum walked out of my Dad’s office and saw my Dragon on the floor; she looked to her left and saw me on the stairs with tears in my eyes. “Sweetie?” She asked trying to hide the fact she was crying. She watched as my hands were still covering my ears “It’s going to be okay. Mummy and Daddy will be fine. Don’t cry.” She said as she extends her hands, I walked over and wrapped my arms around her; she carried me to the table and rubbed my back. “It’s okay, come on, eat.” She said as she placed food on my plate, she sat down in front of me and did the same to herself but as she took a bite, she began to cry. That was the first time I saw my Mum cry.
  6. It happened again, the image was distorted and this time, I’m 9 years old. “You’re going to Hogwarts next year! Are you excited?” My Dad asked as he held my hand and we were taking a stroll around Doncaster, my Hometown. “Mhmm!” I smiled; my hair was in pigtails with a red ribbon that my Mum took the time to do. “What house do you want to be in?” He asked me and I smiled “Ravenclaw!” I said cheerfully and my Dad smiled and bent down to my level. “Of course, you’re my bright beautiful girl!” “James? James is that you?” A woman’s voice cheered, my Dad looked over his shoulder and smiled “Stephanie!” He said as he stood up, he took my hand and walked over to Stephanie. “It’s nice to see you’re out for once and this must be Ambrosia? My, how you’ve grown.” My Dad smiled at the girl with light brown hair hiding behind her Mum. “She hasn’t come out yet since…since Henry died.” The woman’s face darkened and my Dad placed his vacant arm on her shoulder. He made a face and looked down at me “Sweetie, why don’t you go play with Ambrosia?” I looked at the girl and shook my head but my Dad gave me a stern face. “Do you want to go play?” I asked and she nodded her head softly. My new friend, I forgot, I knew Ambrosia long ago but how did I forget…how did we forget? I turned around and saw my Dad put his arms around Stephanie and walked to a bench. I didn’t know what would happen next.
  7. Yet again, the image distorted and I’m in my bed, I’m 10 years old, precisely a year has passed since I met Ambrosia and her Mum. From downstairs, I hear plates breaking and screaming. I passed by the Dragon I got 5 years ago that was collecting dust as it sat on top of my dresser. I walked over to the stairs and sat on the top step. “CELESTE! STOP THIS!” My Dad’s voice yelled out, but my Mum was throwing plates at him. “IT’S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!” My Mum was crying loudly and I heard a slap. “It’s not what it looks like? “To James, Thank you for that wonderful evening. Thank you so much, Love Stephanie.” What am I supposed to think!?” My Mum screamed. My eyes widen because I never thought my Dad would be the type to do this to my Mum…or to me. “Celeste. Let me explain. You’ll wake ______ up.” “Don’t even act like you care about _______. Your own daughter.” “I DO CARE ABOUT HER! DON’T TELL ME THAT I DON’T. CAN YOU JUST LET ME EXPLAIN!” “I WANT YOU OUT OF THIS HOUSE! I WANT YOU OUT OF THIS GODDAMN HOUSE!” “DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF RIGHT NOW!? YOU’RE NOT EVEN LISTENING TO ME!” “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” My Mum screamed louder. I couldn’t cover my ears; I didn’t want to, I wanted to hear everything.
  8. I heard the sound of metal hitting the floor. “You…Celeste, please…” My Dad’s voice changed, it was a tone I have never heard before. “Celeste…please.” My Dad took a footstep closer towards her but I could hear my Mum move away as her footsteps were faint. “I want a divorce.” That was something I wish I didn’t hear. After that night, I went to sleep and the next day, was my first day at Hogwarts. That year, I met a boy, I cried in front of him but he was kind and on the bright side, I was sorted into Ravenclaw but all good things come to an end even if you don’t want them to.
  9. After my first year at Hogwarts, I thought it couldn’t be worst. I laid down in bed with the covers over me, my walls stripped and lifeless, old toys collecting dust; the only thing that would brighten my day was waking up in the Ravenclaw Dormitory. My door was open and I could see shadows pass in the hallways, the divorce had gone through and my Mum won custody over me. My dad was moving in with Stephanie and Ambrosia, but at that time, I realized I forgotten Ambrosia’s name because I only met her once. I raised my head and my Dad’s suitcases were in the halls and he stepped out of his old bedroom he shared with my Mum, he felt my stare and walked over, I quickly placed my head down as his footsteps grew closer. He took a moment until he sat on the bed beside me, “_______. Take care of your Mum for me. You’re old enough to understand now.” But I didn’t, I remember screaming in my head that I didn’t. I didn’t understand why he had to leave; I didn’t understand why he had to live with her. “______, please look at me.” His gentle voice asked and I never turned his request when he talked with his gentle voice. I sat up and looked at him, his hair was wild but at a point tamed, his eyes were tired as the dark bags darkened his face, he had stubble but for the sake of everything, he smiled. “My beautiful girl.” He said, I couldn’t handle it, there I cried. I brought my hands to my face and cried. My Dad put his arms around me and as strong as he was, he held back his tears but I could hear it.
  10. “Love, I’m sorry. Stop crying, just lift your head.” I did but I was still crying. He moved away some of my hair away from my face and looked into my eyes but somehow looking into my eyes made him tear up. “You have your mother’s eyes.” He said with a smile, I gave a laugh at the sudden change but I couldn’t bear with the fact he was leaving. “And my smile.” He added as he tightened his embrace. “You will always have a part of your mother and me, no matter how much has change; we’ll still be a family,” He said as he brushed his hand up and down my arm and kissed the top of my head. “Even if I’m not going to be here anymore.” He let out a huge sigh and looked down at me. “I love you sweetie, remember that okay? I’m always thinking about you, you and your mother. You’ll be a very beautiful girl when you grow up, I’ll send my owl once I’ve settled. I want you to write me every year and send pictures.” He looked down at his watch “I have to go.” He kissed my temples and laid me down to rest. He stood up and noticed the Dragon that collected dust. He walked over to pick it up and remove the dust before laying it down by my side. He smiled and noticed my Mum was at the door. He looked at me one last time before walking over to my Mum. “Well, Celeste. I guess, this is good-bye. I-” My Dad restrained from crying as my Mum sniffled. “You and _____ take care.” He said and he took a risk as he gave an awkward kiss to my Mum on the cheek. And with that he left.
  11. The next day after that was the start of Second Year. I walked down to my Mum who was sitting at the Kitchen Table with three beer bottles in front of her. “Mum, you shouldn’t drink in the morning.” My Mum didn’t say anything as she ran her hair through her fingers “_____, do you hate me?” She asked, I was surprised but I told her I didn’t, I just wished she listened to my Dad. “Thank you. I…I’ve been offered a job in Australia. So, you’ll be staying at gran’s house till I come back.” “How long will that be?” “Five years.” I already lost my Dad and now my Mum was going to Australia for five years. I said nothing after that, she took me to King’s Cross where I would say my last goodbye to her as I wrapped my arms around her and she gave me a kiss. I still can’t remember anything after that but I remember, my Mum coming back 3 years early after what happened during my Fourth Year at Hogwarts. “_______.” My Mum said as she met me at King’s cross station that year “_______.” She repeated as her voice faded, around her turned white and the next thing that happened was my Dad wrapping his arm around her waist. “_______.” He said, I wanted to reach out to them but I couldn’t. A bright light white surrounded me, blinding me till they were gone. “_________!” A voice said, I opened my eyes and met his.
  12. I’m not going to lie. I cried writing this. Most of the inspiration from the scenes came from listening to the song I asked you guys to listen to while writing this. Okay, after this, I REALLY need to work on the other series. Sorry, I know but I get way more inspiration for this story rather than the rest but I’ll work through it! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! Thanks guys!

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