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This is a special in your point of view! I hope you enjoy this! I mean, why do you just have to see the mind of the guys? Why don't we see what you're thinking.

Thank you for all the support you've given me up to this point! I really didn't think I would make it this far with all of you supporting me till the very end! I am truly blessed! Thank you so much!

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. HERE IS THE SPECIAL IN "YOUR" POINT OF VIEW! There are a number of songs: /watch?v=x20TtbnUJ3E ; Questions 4 - 10 | /watch?v=rxS9w0bsHE8 ; Question 11 to 12 start at 2:50 and /watch?v=zVdNg16KQew&feature=relmfu ; Question 13 till the end. ENJOY!
  2. I’m deciding whether I should wake up or not because at this moment, I’m finally at peace and if I open my eyes all the feelings I feel now; this wonderful euphoria will disappear. I haven’t left. Not yet, at least. I’m in the “in between” a place where fantasy and reality meet but never cross. This place here is beautiful; it only rains when I’m sad and shines when I’m happy. It hasn’t rain once since my arrival. I don’t know how many days it’s been but it feels as if I have not even spent a second here. I’m in my own perfect world. But there are voices in my head; I don’t know who they belong to. Every minute, there is a new voice asking me to wake up but I don’t know if I should listen to it.
  3. I’m in a meadow, it feels familiar. There’s a gazebo and I spend most of my day there, I pick flowers I find in the meadow and bring them back. When I’m not picking flowers, I’m decorating the gazebo with pictures that fill my head. Dragons, A Castle with a Princess stuck in the high tower waiting for her Prince to save her. It’s not just one though; there’s a boy with blond hair and grey eyes, no one understands him, a boy with red hair and blue eyes; he’s the jealous type, a boy with black hair and green eyes, he’s on a very important mission but I just don’t know what that is yet. There’s another boy with brown hair and brown eyes, he’s kind and gentle, and another with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, and he likes spending his time outside of the Castle and fly around on his broom. There’s a set of twins, they like to play jokes and they’re the older brother of the boy with red hair and blue eyes and the last prince, he has brown hair and amber eyes, he’s lonely but a great friend. They keep me company when I’m alone.
  4. • oh Gosh, I need a new imagination. One day, the blue sky above us was shining bright; I was lying on my stomach coloring another picture. I could hear the wind blowing in my ears and then a voice visited me “Just don’t leave me, I don’t…I don’t want to see someone I love leave…again” I don’t know who that voice belongs to but whenever I hear that voice, I feel as if it belongs to the Prince with black hair and green eyes. It was just a drawing though but it started to bother me. Moments later, I heard someone say “You’re still shining bright…” I looked around again but no one was there and I found myself staring at the Prince with brown hair and amber eyes, the sound of his voice sounded so sad; it started raining in the meadow. And now, I heard another voice “You just keep holding on, Angel.” The Prince with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes caught my attention. It’s raining harder and it hasn’t stopped raining.
  5. I’m all alone. I don’t know if that should be a good thing or bad but I do feel bad because all of these voices in my head are growing stronger and stronger. I can hear people crying, asking me to wake up. Is it selfish of me if I don’t? I’m scared. The sorrow in their voices scares me. Ultimately the choice is still up to me. It’s been raining for a while now, it’s been raining and it doesn’t seem it will lighten up any time soon. From a distance, I see someone coming; from across the meadow there’s not one but eight. I don’t remember who they are…as a matter a fact; I don’t think I even know them. They’re standing in front of me, dressed in white; I’ve seen them before, they’re…they’re my Princes. “I’m ________, who are you? I don’t think you belong here.” I asked the Prince who had the messy jet black hair and green eyes; he crouched down to meet me at eye level. “I’m Harry.”
  6. “H-Harry?” I said slowly, he nodded and smile. “That’s right. We’ve been looking for you.” He said offering me a hand, I was hesitant taking it but I grabbed it and I felt the warmth fill my body. All eight of my Princes were there, each and every one of them. “Names…” I said softly, they stared at me oddly; the Prince with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes gave an awkward smile but rather in a curious manner. “What are your names?” I repeated myself more clearly. The Prince with Red hair and blue eyes smiled “I’m Ron.” I looked to his left to see the amber eyed prince “My name is Cedric.” Then to the Blond hair prince “Draco, just Draco is fine.” The brown eyed prince “Hello, my name is Neville” The Twin Princes “They call me George” “And me, Fred” and finally, to the prince who gave me the awkward smile. “My name is Oliver.”
  7. We were all introduced but there was still a question I wanted to ask. “You said you were looking for me, why?” I said taking my hand back from Prince Harry. Their faces darkened, Prince Neville eventually raised his head. “A very dear friend of ours went missing several days ago and we’ve been looking for her ever since and now we finally found her.” He ended off with a smile; it seemed their faces darkened by the painful memory of losing a friend. “But, I don’t know any of you…” I said, my words made most of them flinched, Prince Draco moved back a little but Neville supported him to move forward. “You do, you need to remember; you can’t stay here forever.” Prince Ron said with shined eyes. “No. No, I’ve been alone all my life. I was alone, all alone. There was never any one with me, if I knew you; I’d remember you!” “You were never alone.” Prince Oliver said with a stern yet gentle look on his face. “We kept you in our hearts; we never stopped looking for you. We were in here, the entire time.” He pointed to my chest.
  8. I was still confused. “If I know you, then why don’t I remember you?” I asked and all of their expressions turned sentimental. Prince Draco looked out into the field; the grey sky gone and replaced was a blue dim blue. “You’re trying to make yourself forget.” His words shocked me. “Why would I want to forget? If what you say is true, then you are all very important to me. Someone…” Prince Harry who was standing by my right let out his voice. “No one can make you feel, say or do anything.” He paused and stared at the grass “Not without your permission.” Why did I want to forget? These people, I mean a lot to them, why would I want to forget them? “We…we treated you horribly one day.” Prince Fred said, Prince George was silent but his eyes said a lot. “You ran off crying and we’ve been looking for you ever since.” These thoughts were processing in my head. The sky became violent as it started to rain and dark clouds filled the sky, a raging wind came and tried to blow everyone off their feet but I can make anything happen here and our feet were planted firmly on the ground. “I…I” My words weren’t forming, my mouth was dry and the Princes gave me sorrowful stares knowing this was their fault. I wanted to be mad but then I realized, I’ve been alone for so long and having them all with me, here, I didn’t want it to leave.
  9. “I want to go home. I won’t run away again, I’ll try to remember! I’ll remember, for all of us.” I blurted out, the sky was calming and the Princes’ face lifted. “I don’t want to be alone anymore.” I said softly, no tears were forming; instead warmth filled my body. Prince Harry smiled brightly “Then you have to open your eyes.” He said. His words shocked me. “No…no, there are these voices and they…they” “They will guide you home.” Prince Cedric said softly, I didn’t understand really. “But, why can’t we all go home…together?” “Because, we’re already there waiting for you.” How could they be here and there at the same time? I didn’t understand but something was telling me, there is something I won’t understand, it’ll just feel right and doing what they said feels right. “When I open my eyes, my memory will come back right?” A silence and the wind was all I could here. “Maybe.” Prince Draco said bluntly.
  10. “Maybe…? Why not?” I asked but they said I forgotten too much that it’ll be a while for me to remember everything. “I’ll still remember your names right?” The sun was out shining but blinding than ever, that’s when I knew. I was waking up. “It’s not guaranteed that you will but there is chance.” The light was growing stronger. “If I don’t…” They were all blending into the light, I tried to hold back but it was too late, I was about to wake up. “If I don’t, you all will still be there, right?” I screamed, their faces up to their shoulders was all I could see. “Of course.” Prince Ron said with a smile. “We’ll always be there.” The Twin Princes said “I will.” Prince Neville smiled. “You can bet on it!” Prince Draco nodded “Same with me.” Prince Cedric smiled. “I’ll give it everything, I got!” Prince Harry said and then there was Prince Oliver. “Don’t worry. I’ll be there. Angel.” He smiled and that’s when I realized, the light already devoured me. It’s time to wake up.
  11. “________...” A voice rang in my ears, I slowly opened my eyes; sand was bunked in my tears glands. I grunted and wiped it out of my eyes. There was a distorted figure in my eyes…wait…not figure, figures. I blinked till the figures sharpened in my eyes; there I saw the Princes but…what are their names again? “______?” A different voice called out, I moved “________!” I brought my body up and from right to left surrounding me was the Prince with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, the Prince with blond hair and grey eyes, the Twin Princes, the Prince with brown hair and brown eyes, the Prince with red hair and blue eyes, the Prince with messy jet black hair and beside me on my left was the amber eyed Prince. Tears filled their eyes.
  12. The Princes took their turns hugging me and when they released me, they were all waiting for me to speak. Some of them muttered a thank you that I woke up. I started at their faces, my mouth opened but no words were formed. “Hmm? ______. Louder!” The Prince with messy jet black hair and green eyes asked. “Names…” I said but it was softly, they all looked at me weirdly. “What are your names?”
  13. Hi Guys! Well, that ends the specials! Pt. 36 is the next release and I’m starting on it now! So, I went through with the whole amnesia plot! It seemed it would be good for stress and if you read the comments from Oliver’s Special, you know; Draco will be a huge help! So, I hope you all liked it! I’m working on Pt. 36 now!

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