Hogwarts Love Story Special - Neville Longbottom #2

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Day 5! Wow, that must have been some bludger if you've been in a coma for this long! In most cases, it can go on for two months but I don't think we have that kind of time! Let's see how your stay in the hospital is affecting Neville!

Look into the mind of your favorite Hogwart's Love Interest! Who knows, it may be heartfelt, filled with sorrow or things you might not have known. It's an invasion of privacy but we're all curious.

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. It's been a week and you're still in a coma. Here is day 5! I know I JUST posted Day 4 but I wanted to post this up because of how it ended! Here is the song /watch?v=I8VWUhkqcEY . Enjoy!
  2. I’ve had better days, if you were wondering. Five days ago, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw had a Quidditch match; everything seemed fine until _______ went out of control and ended up in the Hospital Wing. I was about to faint but I couldn’t, I needed to be brave and there for her. There was blood around the corners of her mouth and her hair was a mess but after the care from me and everyone else; she looked like an angel. Her hair was down and wavy, giving off a faint scent of flowers, her eyes were more relaxed and she was breathing regularly. If you didn’t know, you think she was sleeping.
  3. I was probably making my 10th trip from the garden to the Hospital Wing, every day when the flowers started to wilt, I would replace them with fresh new ones; just in case she woke up and it’ll be there to greet her with their fragrant scent. But she hasn’t hinted any signs of waking up. I don’t just change her flowers, I wipe her face with a towel to hydrate her, I hold her hand when I can when someone isn’t here visiting but the more I’m by her side, the harder I’m falling for her.
  4. When I walked in the room, she was where she always was. I smiled as I made my way to her bed and taking out the old flowers replacing it with the new ones. I’d talk to her, to make it seem like she was never hurt, if she could hear me, I needed to sound strong for her and sure that everything would be okay, instead of crying over her. “Good Morning _______. It’s a beautiful day; I picked these in the garden again. Professor Sprout has a whole bush just for you, hoping you make a fast recovery!” I removed the old ones that were dried up and placed it on the table; I also do what I can to arrange the flowers beautifully. “Personally, I think you’re lucky. You get to skip class all day, stay in bed and you sure, don’t have to listen to Professor Snape. Almost melted my cauldron again today…” I said not proud of myself.
  5. Once all the flowers were in the vase, I smiled at the result. It was decent…for a boy’s job. These flowers were beautiful, they were just like her in every way and knowing them, they’re resilient and I know that she will be too. I took a seat by the stool and checked to see if her temperature had drop, her hand in mine was warm and I smiled. “Congratulations, you’re fine!” I said in the most sarcastic tone and in my head, her sweet voice rang through my ears thinking of the snappy retort she would throw back at me. “My prescription is for you to stay on the ground for at least a week or so.” I looked to the floor and smiled. It was odd for me to act so natural while everyone else is moping and crying their eyes out. I guess my feelings are really strong now because I know and believe that she’s going to wake up. So, I shouldn’t cry that this happened; I should only cry knowing that I’m never going to see her again.
  6. Secretly, I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated that everyone can cry over her instead of me because they had a moment with her that I’ll never be able to experience. She knows they feel about her and she accepts them but she knows she has to make up her mind soon. I hope she chooses me because I care so much about her and there is no one other than her in my mind, heart or in general. She the only one for me but right now, all I could be is her best friend. The way she looks at me with her sparkling eyes, sees me as a best friend and nothing more.
  7. She deserves more than what these other guys give her. She’s beautiful, a beauty like her comes out every once in a while, for example Hayley’s Comet. She’s reliable, she never forgets and if she doesn’t she’ll make up for it and always stick to it till the very end. She’s strong; she still stands strong despite the terrible disastrous storms that head her way and most of all she’s true to herself. She never tries to be someone she’s not, even when she thinks the guys deserve better, she knows not to change herself. She’s … one in the same and I love her for that.
  8. I let my chin rest in the palm of my right hand and stared at her. “So, mind telling me what you’re dreaming about?” It was a bit off topic at first, but I want to know…because maybe she’s dreaming about someone; they say when someone appears in your dream that person is thinking of you. She’s always in my dreams and if what they say is true, then…I’m one incredibly lucky guy, face it. I’m not the type of guy, girls fall for.
  9. Staring at her, I can’t help but laugh as her best friend, I feel the need to draw on her face but her next visitor would probably get mad at the disrespect displayed on her face. I’m actually tempted right now to draw on her face, I leaned in closer with a pen I found in the pocket of my robe; I was near her face about to let the tip of the pen touch her skin when a breath escaped her lips. I didn’t realize how close I was, she was practically breathing on me. I couldn’t move, I was drawn to her but … I couldn’t let that happen. But I couldn’t move, her lips were right there and mine were there too. I didn’t think I would until I moved in close. Something in my perphral version moved, I turned to see a petal from the freshly picked flowers has already wilted. Thankfully, I moved and checked the vase. “What the…?” When I took out the flowers, the aroma of the water filled. It was rotten and it was about time I changed it. So close…but I can’t take advantage of her.
  10. The flowers I placed for her were wilting, I headed to dump the water out and that's when I walked in on him...crying. He quickly turned away, me being the Good Samaritan that I am, caught his arm. He quickly jerked it away from me. I never saw anyone...other than me cry before, he was heading quickly down the hall and I called out his name. He ran faster and faster till he became a blur.

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