Hogwarts Love Story Special - Oliver Wood #2

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Day Seven! It has now been a FULL week and your last visitor marks the last of the guys. It's your first love, it's Oliver Wood. How does your first love react to all of this? Why don't you find out? Angel.

Look into the mind of your favorite Hogwart's Love Interest! Who knows, it may be heartfelt, filled with sorrow or things you might not have known. It's an invasion of privacy but we're all curious.

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. Here is the Seventh Day! Of course, the last guy is Oliver Wood! Here is the song /watch?v=G_TPMAi2gHk . and be sure to see the teaser of the new special trailer!
  2. Three days. That’s how long it took me to build up the courage to talk to you. A date, that’s all it took for me to fall for you. Two years I’ve lived without you; seven days since you last opened your eyes. I’m counting down the minutes. On the first day, after Harry visited I spent the night with her, sleeping by her side on the arm chair. I did the same the day after that, and the day after that up until now. I was only caught by Draco but he really didn’t make much of an issue about it. Today is my first full day with her, it’s no different than the other days; I’ll sit here and wait no matter how long even if it means extending my stay here if it means I can see her open her eyes.
  3. I leaned over to her and brushed the little hairs that kissed her face. I smiled to myself and stared at her face. I looked at the flowers Neville brought this morning, the pile of sweets and products the Weasley’s brought, a small miniature witch that flies around from Harry and a rose from Cedric. Draco hasn’t been around much but he did stop by and gave her a rose but his was crystalized. “You know,” I started off, this was the first time I ever said anything, she didn’t say anything. “I feel like the biggest jerk right now.” It’s true, I’ve been so rude and distant and when I finally come back, I act like a dictator. “And you don’t know how incredibly sorry I am.”
  4. I feel sorry for everything that’s happened; there was no reason for me to act how I was. After that night with Cedric, there was a thought in the back of my head telling me “I never want to see her again” but during that day on the Quidditch Field, I felt as if I lost everything. She felt from the sky. A fallen angel with no way to get back up, she just needs a reason to fly again, a reason to spread her wings. And even what previously happened between us, I’m going to help her.
  5. She just needs her rest. That’s what I tell myself. She’s not injured, she’s just taking a long rest before she can take her flight again but, I don’t know how long I can keep this charade up. “Wake up, feel the air that I’m breathing, won’t you?” I said softly as she laid there in her Quidditch robes with her hair wavy long hair. I closed my eyes for a second and a flashback from last night appeared in my head. Robbie entered, it was 1am in the morning and he walked in his robes. “Are you coming up?” I chuckled at him and stroked my chin “I don’t know how many times you’re going to ask that and my answer will still be “no.”” He shrugged and told me it was worth a shot. “You know what I don’t get?” He blurted out as he leaned against the metal railing of the bed; I turned my head to have his back face towards me with his head peering over his shoulder. “I don’t know why you even try.” I smirked; it was the same lecture that I’ve been getting for the past two years. “Well, you don’t have to understand why you’re doing it, you just feel it.”
  6. He turned around and placed his hands in his robes. “It’s been two years, how long will you be able to “feel” this?” I didn’t answer; I couldn’t give one until I was sure of it myself. “What about that girl back at school? Camellia!” “No. I don’t care who you set me up with, you know you’ll never win.” Robbie scratched the back of his head and began to walk away but before he was completely out, he turned around. “You know, I was jealous of ______.” I cocked my head up and stared at him oddly “Why?” He smirked and laughed “To have someone like you care so much, even though you promised her to see other people. She still holds on too.” Robbie had relationships problems for the past two years with someone he felt strongly for. Just like the way I feel about you. “You’ll get her back.” “Hopefully, well, I’m off to bed. When she wakes up, tell her I said “hi”” Robbie smiled before leaving. I was left alone with her again; I laid back in my chair and closed my eyes.
  7. When I opened my eyes, it was morning; the flashback ended. She was breathing normally and I couldn’t help but smile. “You just keep holding on, Angel.” Angel. She will forever be my Angel. I grabbed her hand and leaned in closer with my arms on the mattress. “I won’t go another day without you.” I sang gently, I wasn’t much of a singer but the song that came to my head was a song, My Aunt sang for my Uncle when he passed away; like her, she believed he was sleeping. “And this is me tonight, there’s no more games and no more lies,” I continued singing the song, hoping she could hear it and wake up. “And I know it’s right ‘cause of the way you look into my eyes. And when I hold you tight, the worries disappear, I’m glad you’re in my life.” I sang in a hush tone.
  8. “Wake up, feel the air that I’m breathing. I can’t explain this feeling that I’m feeling…” The melody of the song faded till I leaned in close and gave her a small kiss on the top of her forehead “I won’t go another day without you.” I softly said as I moved away. I brought her hands to my lips and gave another kiss and gave a tight squeeze. “And I won’t go another day.” I ended off as the melody faded.
  9. The questions still remain, when she wakes up, what will I do after? Will everything go back to the way it was? Will I return to Puddlemere and pretend as if none of this happened? What happens to her when I’m gone? The answer to all of this…I placed her hand on my knee and brought my vacant hand to my mouth and looked at her face. “I just can’t afford to think like this right now.”
  10. It’s been seven days since you opened your eyes. How much longer do I have to wait?
  11. A/N: Please end the song you are listening to and prepare for the second teaser trailer of the Special in “your” point of view) Teaser trailer song: /watch?v=t6imJKgRDrQ
  12. I’m all alone. I don’t know if that should be a good thing or bad but I do feel bad because all these voices in my head are growing stronger and stronger. I can hear people crying…asking me to wake up. Is it selfish of me if I don’t? Ultimately the choice is still up to me. It started raining for a while now, it’s been raining and it doesn’t seem to it will lighten up any time soon. From a distance, I see someone coming; from across the meadow there’s not one but eight. I…I don’t remember who they are…as a matter a fact; I don’t think I even know them. They’re standing in front of me, dressed in white; the sky is still filled with grey, it matches the color of one of the boy’s eyes. “I’m _______, who are you? I don’t think is a place for you.” I asked a boy with messy jet black hair, he crouches down to meet me at eye level. “I’m Harry.”

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