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First of all, thank you all for being understanding with my hiatus! I did manage to find some time off and with that I present you Hogwarts Love Story Pt 40! I won't go into detail what this is about, that's for you to decide! :)

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

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  1. You stared at Draco and you couldn't feel but a hint of sadness, hesitant you smiled as you replied "Yeah, no worries. I probably found it and forgot to return it. I'm sorry, just forget I said anything about reading your..." "It's fine." He smiled and continued to work. The atmosphere became sullen. Somewhere deep inside you knew that Draco's words were false, it wasn't fine but the emotions you felt weren't enough to trigger a memory. This emotion you felt. Was it pain? Sadness? Sorrow? Your heart began to swell up and a lodged formed in your throat but you were not going to express your emotions here. "A-Alright! I'm glad we sorted this out. Well, I'll just be on my way. I'll bring it by later." You smiled and you watched his eyes shift towards you and gave you a one sided smile. You headed for the door and sighed once you were out of the room and rested against the wall out of sight.
  2. You didn't know why you were so bothered; there was no memory to help you understand the situation you were in. Today's events were too much for you and to top it all off, you had detention with Professor Umbridge later tonight. You walked up the steps and met face to face with Cedric. "Oh, ______!" He said surprised yet thrilled, behind him was a bunch of Seventh year Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. "Cedric!" You said flustered as you tucked a piece of hair behind your ear "Hi! I'll be out of your way" You said as you stepped to the side and let everyone else through, someone pulled Cedric's arm but he brushed them off and stood by your side. You watched as everyone was going into the second potions room and looked over at Cedric who was smiling with his right arm against the cobblestone wall. You remembered JJ and Ebony's words ringing in your head "Stay away from Cedric." With that in mind, you gave an uneasy laugh "Uh, well, I hate to keep you from Potions class. I'll just-" Before you could move away, Cedric grabbed your hand causing you to turn around and look into his amber eyes. "I don't mind skipping one class. Besides, I don't think we're going to be learning anything important. I'm probably going to go through one hour learning about bezoars again." (Meanwhile, "Today, we are going to learn how to create the potions that can help you walk through fire" Professor Snape said to the students) "So, how about it?" Cedric asked with a smile
  3. You looked at him speechless with your hands locked with one another; the words wouldn't form in your mouth and in the back of your head, curiosity was getting the better of you. You were allured to him, you wanted to know why you should keep away from him but there had to be a reason for it. "I'm sorry. I would feel bad if I did." He chuckled to my rejection, his eyes rolled and he flashed a smile at me. "Take a risk for once." Those were fighting words. He was testing how daring and bold you could be and stupidly, you fell for it.
  4. He laughed as he guided you through the corridors. "I presume that you don't want anyone to see us together, right? Especially Oliver." You didn't know what he meant when he mentioned Oliver but the first part he said was the truth. You nodded and he looked around every corner, class was still going on; you did leave right in the middle of Defense against the Dark Arts, after all. "Let's head to the Astronomy Tower!" Cedric suggested. The Astronomy Tower was one of the tallest and farthest towers in Hogwarts, it casted over the Transfiguration Courtyard. Up there, there was a beautiful view of the horizon and the Black Lake which seemed to look more of an ocean from the view. You ran to the railing and smile as you inhaled the fresh air. "It's beautiful up here!" Cedric smiled as he placed his forearms on the railing leaning close, he looked at you as if this was the first time he ever did. "You should see the sky at night from here, it's breathtaking; the clear night sky with stars that go on for miles." He said as he stared at you then out into the horizon. "I wish I could." You said dreamily, he flicked his eyes in your direction "Do you want to?" "Are you implying something?" "If you want to see the stars at night, I can take you. They really are beautiful but I've seen brighter more beautiful stars."
  5. The way Cedric was describing it made you give into temptation to see that beautiful view but you wouldn't give in. "Really? Did you look in the mirror when you said that?" You bantered; he replied with a perplexing smile. "Now, who gave you the idea that I was some conceited git?" He laughed but you really didn't mean to say it like that. "What? No! It's not like that! I mean it's just the way that you look and-" "So, I look conceited?" "No! I didn't mean it like that! I meant that-" "________?" "Yeah?" You whimpered after that embarrassing act you displayed, you gave a firm grip onto the bars and looked away from Cedric. "I'm only teasing. I really meant you but, you wouldn't remember with your amnesia. Hopefully, that memory of yours will come back soon or all my efforts would have gone to waste." Suddenly, it clicked; stars and the unknown voice that you heard when you were in the "in between". "You're still shining bright." You voiced Cedric's words; he lifted his eyebrows in surprise and turned around with his back leaning against the railing. "That was you, wasn't it?" You asked as you mimicked Cedric's previous pose, he ran his fingers through his hair and laughed. "Yeah, it was." He said looking opposite of where you were standing. It was quiet between the both of you now; you decided to strike up a topic. "So, can you tell me anything about who I am and the connection you and I share?" "Are you sure?" "I'm pretty sure, if I'm asking." "Brace yourself."
  6. Cedric's words were rather intriguing; you questioned why you had to brace yourself and hopefully, this situation wouldn't kill you if you knew too much. "You and I...are difficult." "Difficult?" He rested his elbows on the railing with his back leaned against it. "I'm pretty sure he hasn't told you this but I'm sure you would have figured it out." "Figured what out?" Cedric was opening a lot of sentences without finishing them which made you a little irritated "You and Oliver dated" Relieved you gave a laugh and smiled "Oh, he already told me that!" Cedric's eyes widen but you explained the part where Oliver also mentioned the break up. "He did, did he? He is a pretty fair guy; true to his words." Cedric muttered as he looked down but there was still the issue of how Cedric is involved with you and Oliver. "Well, last year, you were my date to this fancy ball and I agreed to make it a memorable night by helping Draco bring back Oliver but...I fell for you the moment I saw you in that dress. You were breathtaking." Cedric was lost in thought as he turned around and looked out into the horizon "I wanted to tell you how I felt but the first time didn't work out so well, then a day before your Quidditch match against Gryffindor; I confessed to you, in front of Oliver and we got into a fight. Me and Oliver. We don't get along but I think I owe him an apology knowing he didn't leave any detail out."
  7. Before you could respond, a familiar white light devoured you; there was a distorted image of Oliver facing you, the girl you knew as Ambrosia standing a fair distance away from him and in front of you was Cedric. You saw pain in the distorted image of Oliver as a voice became audible. "______, I don't know where I stand with you. I have NO IDEA exactly, what I mean to you." This was one of the longest flashbacks you ever had, the image became more distorted as the voice became louder "But something I do know, _______ is that, every time I think of you, all I want to do is just be with you. _______ I love you." In front of you now was Cedric, you were back at the Astronomy Tower but you did feel a sense of nausea and felt unable to stand still. You brought your hand to your head and grabbed the railing to keep your balance. "______?" Cedric said as he placed his arms around you, unknowingly you were crying. You dropped to your knees and brought your hands to your face, even if you had one fragment of your memory prior to your incident, you questioned whether if not waking up was the best choice. "What happened? _______?" Cedric cried as he placed his arms around you but then there was another voice "Cedric, walk away." You turned and saw Oliver standing at the door; he had a maroon sweater over his white shirt with his hands in his sweater pocket. Cedric shot up and protested that it wasn't what it looks like
  8. "I know it's not but you can't suffocate her and ask her questions. Harry told me what's been happening to ______ lately." Oliver said as he walked over and stood over you placing his sweater around you and helping you get to your feet. He let go and gave you some space as you held on to the Oliver's sweater that had a strong scent of peppermint. "So, can you tell me?" Cedric trying to sound sympathetic but irritated, Oliver looked over and the tips of his hair blew in the wind. "She's starting to remember." He said bluntly but he didn't seem pleased at the fact that you were remembering "I don't know how but it's just when we say something similar to what we've said before, it triggers a memory because she had so much emotion that time." Oliver looked over at your and tried to smile but he couldn't. "That's great, isn't it Wood!?" Cedric sounding pleased but Oliver's emotions were mutual with Cedric's. Oliver wanted to say something but he restrained himself and the smile he was forcing showed. You noticed Oliver was in pain but he was trying to hide it. "It is." He said softly.
  9. "I think Ron was looking for you in the Library. If you need any help getting there, I can-" Oliver offered but you smiled and thanked him. "I'll be fine." You said as you were heading for the door but as you left the tower, you stood beside the door frame out of sight. "For someone who cares for her, you seem sour that she's remembering." Cedric's voice said, you heard footsteps but they weren't towards you, they were towards the railing. "Do I?" Oliver said as he ran his fingers through his hair by the sound of it. "You mind explaining to me why?" There was a moment of silence until Oliver let out a sigh. "She remembers when you confessed to her but when I brought up our break up, caught her, told her every detail about our dates...she doesn't remember." Your heart was beating fast, this was enough, and this was obviously something that wasn't meant for your ears. "Her memories are provoked by strong emotions. I'm questioning now if she even loved me or felt sad when we broke up." Suddenly, you heard skin contact. Oliver swore and asked Cedric why he did that. "Do you really need a memory to tell you if she loved you or not? She obviously did." "Really?" Oliver questioned as he grunted away from Cedric "She ran away from me when I told her that I loved her to follow you. You were the last person to spend time with her and she woke up. She was happier when she was dancing with you. The way she looks at you, is different how she looks at everyone else. Maybe she doesn't remember because those memories have stronger emotions or...she never forgotten."
  10. That's when you left. You ran down the stairs as fast as you could and headed for the library. When you got to the third corridor, you were out of breath. Oliver's sweater was still around you, the library was right in front of you. When you made your way to the doors, Ron exited and smiled. "There you are, I've been looking for you."
  11. HEY GUYS, SURPRISE! I MANAGED TO WRITE PT. 40! I know I said that I have tons of work to finish but I managed to finish most to get some free time! Honestly, after the scene with Draco, I had so much complication with it; the scene was originally going to be you taking a nap but I realized, I wrote that because I was tired myself. Anyways, I'm working on 1DLS Pt. 4 next and then Life in the Hunger Games! Hope you all enjoyed!

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