Hogwarts Love Story Pt 39

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You are slowly recovering your memory but during the process. Much darker things are going around in the Castle, more than you could ever know. Better keep your eyes open.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. First of all, I would like to say "Welcome Back" to the lovely Miss Aria, who has woken up and is on her way to a speedy recovery! I'm so glad that our prayers reached you and you are now back with your family here on GoToQuiz! This release is dedicated to you (:
  2. "You think you can pull one over on little me?" You slapped your face and the Twin laughed at your frustration. You ran your fingers through your hair and sighed since there was no way to get a name out of him. "You're pretty cruel, you know that?" You gave a half-hearted laugh; he smirked and shrugged "You'll remember eventually, once Malfoy is done with the potion." "I don't think I can wait that long."
  3. "Well, if you're not going to tell me who you are, why don't you help me figure out who I am?" You said as you looked at the entrance with your chin resting in the palm of your hand and your left arm resting on the table. The twin looked at you with deep thought before he brought up his voice "How is it...not remembering anything?" You turned your head slightly towards him and placed the hand acting as support on the table. "It's hard but I'm managing. I was able to remember something today actually," You smiled at the end of your sentence, you began fidgeting with your thumbs "I was able to remember that, with all of you, I'm not alone; that I'm with my family and it won't be as difficult trying to remember." You brought your eyes up to the twin who stared at you without saying a word. "Well?" You asked as you smiled and shrugged your shoulders, he shook his read out of realization and smiled. "You were always, there for people. You were hard working, a bit sensitive but even though you were hurting and crying, you knew not to let it get the best of you. You always pushed through." The twin smiled.
  4. You smiled and laughed "Wow, I sound pathetic." The Twin smiled and shook his head but before he could say anything, he looked out the window and saw the sun was at its highest point, it was noon. "Oh, I really have to go. I'm sorry." He said as he was making his way up, you shook your head "Its fine." Once he was on his feet, he looked at you and lightly pounded his right fist into the palm of his head "My name is George." He said as he gave a wave before taking off, you waved back and placed your chin in the palm of your hand. "Nice meeting you." You silently said before slowly transitioning you smile into a frown. Just how long will it take till Draco is done? What if that was the only memory you could remember and Draco has failed to make the potion? These were questions that filled your mind but you couldn't ponder these thoughts for the time being.
  5. As time passed, you eventually had to go to class; the teachers understood because of your condition, some less caring than others. "Miss ________?" You looked up and saw the pink lady from before looking down at you; you came to know her as Professor Umbridge. "Yes Professor?" You asked oblivious to your past interactions with her. "You've been awfully quiet. It has come to my attention, which your depravity has come to an end." Astonished by her words, you gave her a look of disgust. "Pardon...Professor? My lack of words has no connection to my ...depravity, as so you claim." You said sternly, before Professor Umbridge could say anything, a voice from behind spoke up. You turned to see Neville with his hand in the air "Professor, _____ has been in the Hospital Wing for the past week" "Yes, Mister Longbottom, I'm quite aware of that. But she is perfectly fine now." You have only known Professor Umbridge for 5 minutes after your accident and you could sense she was trying to provoke something. "Could it be that her absents are related to some secret organization?" "Secret...organization?" That's what she was looking for.
  6. back the need to strangle her. You looked around to see Harry, Ron, Neville, JJ, Ebony, Luna, Reese and Hermione's face filled with hate. "Professor, I have no IDEA what you're talking about." "Professor, ______ absents was because of her Quidditch game accident, which happened last week!" Ebony spoke out; Professor Umbridge cleared her throat and paid no mind to Ebony. "Miss ______ now is the time to speak up, if you are" "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT! I DON'T REMEMBER ANYTHING, I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE A PROFESSOR DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE AUDACITY TO APPROACH A STUDENT AND MAKE FALSE ACCUSATIONS IN THE MIDDLE OF A CLASS! NOW IF YOU WILL EXCUSE ME PROFESSOR, I HAVE WORK TO ATTEND!"
  7. The class drowned in silence, Professor Umbridge watches as you took your seat; you weren't completely settled as the emotions held up had not yet left. She cleared her throat "Miss ______, I would like to see you in my office, tonight for detention." You stood up and said nothing, you walked over to the door and as soon as you held the handle a voice visited your head "Don't let her get to you." It was Reese; you squeezed the handle firmly and replied "I just need some air." You opened the door and slammed it shut, the emotions were getting wildly out of hand until a familiar white light blinded you; you were losing your balance and reached out for support, you swayed your way over to the pillars, keeping a firm grip on it. There, in front of you, was a distorted image of Professor Umbridge in what appears to be her office. The memory focused on your hand, you could see your skin separating from the words you were writing down, it then, focused on Professor Umbridge "Is something the matter?" She asked a voice spoke out; it was your voice. "No, Professor..." Your voice was in pain, you blinked and you were back in the courtyard. "Another one..."
  8. Beads of sweat pouring down your face. You couldn't handle these outbursts of memories happening every time an emotion was provoked; you had to see Draco to know how the potion was doing. Dazed, you made your way to the dungeon; when you were outside the door, you could hear voices, one belonging to Draco and Professor Snape. "The amount of work you put into this girl, is rather, unusual." Professor Snape's hesitant voice rang out, you could hear the sound of glass touching and rattling; Draco had not said a word. "Your father, would almost seem...pleased, if your efforts were put to better use." "How would he know? He's never at home." Draco's voice rang out, Professor Snape was moving around "That's right, now that the Dark Lord is back. Your father, is doing everything he can to, restore his honour..."
  9. The sound has stopped, Draco was shuffling and you could hear the sound of footsteps "Mister Malfoy, have I offended you perhaps in some way?" The sound of rattling resumed but it was a one-sided conversation. "It is rumoured, if your father was to fail, the Dark Lord may turn to you." Draco seemed startled as you heard a glass shatter "Why are you telling me this? He wouldn't like you, spreading his secrets..." Draco's voice rang loud and clear with fear "On the contrary, Mister Malfoy, the Dark Lord has personally asked me to tell you this." "...Why?" "To watch you cowl in fear...to see, if you would take the chance to run away; even if, your family is on the line." "He will not touch my family." You stood there listening, you wanted to leave but you were glued to the floor "Shall I assume you accept what lies ahead for you?" "Yes...Professor."
  10. You could hear footsteps making their way to the door, it would be monstrous if you were caught eavesdropping; you walked to the darkest corner and cloaked yourself, once the footsteps past, you peeked your head out of the darkest and into the light. You could still hear the sounds of glass hitting against each other, which meant Draco didn't leave. You walked in pretending nothing happened, once you called out his name, he yelled "WHAT!?" Once he looked you in the eyes, he regrets the sound of him yelling "______..." "Is this a bad time?" He thought about it for a second and smiled. "It's fine. What brings you down here?" He asked as he turned around to attend to the potion. "I just wanted to know if the process of the potion is nearly complete, I've been getting these random flashbacks to memories that happened a while back," Draco slowly moved around the table now, he acted as if this didn't strike him as strange "and I was wondering, if the potion was done, so I don't have any more of these random outburst." He sat up straight and gave a sympathetic look "I've been distracted lately, don't worry. I'll hurry it up." He gave a smile and turned around once again. By his words, lately meant recently which also meant a few seconds ago.
  11. You made a face to show your uncertainty but at this moment, it was best to trust Draco. "Do you need help with anything?" You asked as you face the table to see all the ingredients, he let out a laugh "What?" He covered his laugh and settled down "In Third Year, you were never the best at potions; I was the one helping you..." He smiled and patted your shoulder "Partner." You smiled and you were curious about the black book you found under your bed "Draco, I found a book under my bed, with your name in it." This caught Draco's attention but he continued to work on the potion "There was an entry in it, it said, there was a girl you love...is it?" Draco stopped for a second and was lost in his thoughts, a minute he looked at you "I thought I lost it...Can I have it back?"

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