Hogwarts Love Story Pt 35

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Well, last night was a bit of a...well, disaster. The first day back wasn't exactly what you expected, hopefully, the next day will be better! Right? I mean, it's Quidditch tomorrow!

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. Here is the lovely song that I know most of you or all of you will enjoy! /watch?v=Rzve_c2L-L4 . It's for questions 4-6! And some shoutouts are in order, first to @Calypso1315 for being my motivation and asking me constantly when am I going to post up as well as helping me! @FInduilas for the idea! I love how she's always giving ideas! @ayamesho for the cliffhanger! I was at the edge of my seat while reading that! @Jamie for being an inspiration and quite the friend, she's an amazing writer! She doesn't have an account but hopefully soon and last but certainly not the least, @Aria, @angelic4 & @_ViolaLover_ for their beautiful shoutouts! They have amazing work, you should definitely check them out! They're also very lovely people! Okay, without further ado, time to get HLS Pt 35 under way!
  2. Oliver stared at you with his brown eyes, to you; they were usually amber as the fire in his eyes glowed from his striving ambition and passion. But now, they were dark, they were as deep like deepest abyss in the world. Your hands, locked with Cedric but only one holds on. Ambrosia let out occasional whimpers from the sidelines, Cedric was deep breathing as his nostrils enflamed and his eyes red with his veins popping out from each side of his neck. Oliver didn’t say a word nor did anyone, he pivoted his body and the snap of twigs broke the silence. You took a step towards him and that’s when Oliver took off. You pulled your hand away from Cedric but only managed to grab it once more. “________...” He said your name softly, you stared at him, unsure of how you felt right now but you couldn’t let Oliver leave. Not like that.
  3. Once you pulled away from Cedric yet again, it amazed you how much of an interval that was before Oliver was out of sight but you later found him walking into the Castle, with his hands in his pockets, making no sound. “Oliver!” You called out; he stopped in his tracks and turned his head over his shoulder. You were steps away from him, your hands on your chest as you were taking your breaths. There was a silence until Oliver turned his body to face you, he basked in the moonlight, it would have been a beautiful sight but sorrowed was the emotion that runs through your body. “Has it ever occurred to you…that I did all of this…to protect you?” He said in a raspy voice, as always you gave Oliver a confused yet hard stare “From what? I’m fine. I don’t want to join that group.” You stated, a faint shimmer peered down Oliver’s face, quickly he placed the palm of his hand to his right eye and rubbed it gently. “Has it…” You blurted out before taking another step closer to him, the image of Oliver crying, or tearing in front of you for the first time actually has you baffled. You remember when Oliver came to you after year 3 but he wasn’t crying it was the result of him crying. But now, he stands before you, with tears trickling down his face.
  4. “Has it…ever occurred to you, that what you’re doing is hurting me more than you think? Oliver, Professor Um-“Oliver cut you off by his expression. His eyes widen and he seemed to form a smile but a smirked was replaced. You were confused and took a step towards Oliver “You know, I really thought me coming back would be great. I guess I should have left you alone when I left.” Oliver said staring at me with his brown eyes that were filled with sorrow. “Don’t say that…” Your eyes were watery, everything that happened before joining the Inquisitorial Squad, Cedric’s confession, it didn’t mean anything. “You don’t need me anymore, you have someone else.” Oliver’s eyes turned cold but like you, he was fighting back more tears. “It’s not like that…I never knew!” You were screaming with the tears pouring down on your face. “Oliver, I…” “Don’t even say it. You know, I hope Cedric treats you the way you deserve to be treated; I hope he's nothing like me because I hurt you and I care too much” He was silent and he stared at the ground "The more you care the more you have to lose." He gave an awkward departing smile before he turned around quickly before he became a faded image in front of your eyes.
  5. At that moment, it felt like third year all over again. Oliver did the same thing before he left, he gave an awkward smile and walked away but this time, he knew what he was doing and he was portraying exactly how you felt. “The more you care…” You took a sigh “The more you have to lose.” Just then, you heard someone take a slip and fall, they grunted and your senses acted up. “Cedric, if that’s you…then come out…He’s gone.” A shadow from the side emerged, the walked into the moonlight till you saw their face. “Sorry, but I don’t think Cedric is watching this part of the Castle tonight, ______. You’re out of bed.” Ron said as he rested is arm on the pillar.
  6. You stared at him hard but he gave an off expression. “How much did you hear?” You asked coldly, he placed his hands in his pocket and walked over to you. “Well, as always, I came at the very last minute. You were crying, Oliver said “The more you have to care the more you have to lose.” And then he walked away.” Ron shrugged and looked down. You were grateful he didn’t hear anything about the Inquisitorial Squad because if he did, it would be one trip to Harry that he will regret making. “So, did you and Oliver…have a fight? If you don’t mind me saying, it’s never good when he’s around and to think, you dated him.” You couldn’t help but to laugh at Ron’s feeble honest attempt to making to smile. He did, however, changed to a shade of pink once you laughed. “It was a misunderstanding, really. It’s nothing, it will blow over soon.” You lied, you honestly didn’t know how it was going to turn out but the way it turned out between Oliver and Cedric, you knew this would stay for a while. Ron didn’t say anything but stared at you. Ron raised his hand and you thought he would either hit you for lying or hit you either way. He did neither. Your face was now buried in Ron’s chest, he smelled like cinnamon, a welcoming home smell. “I’ll shut up now. Just do what you have to do.” Ron’s voice was comforting; it was rare, for you, for him to show this type of kindness. It made you want to cry. That’s what you told yourself anyways.
  7. The tears came pouring down on your face, you held on tight to Ron’s robe. You didn’t want to let go, you didn’t want to say anything, you just wanted, for this moment, cry your eyes out without thinking of a way to solve anything. Ron caressed your back and made hush sounds. He pulled you away and wiped a tear that was about to fall from your glands. “I’ll walk you to your dormitory. You better go to sleep. From what I heard, there’s a match against Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Even if you’re versing my team, I’m rooting for you.” Ron smiled. As much as you didn’t want to hear about Quidditch, you appreciated Ron taking your mind off on the current situation. You nodded and placed your head against his chest, as much as he wanted to hold onto you, he knew what’s best. He grabbed your hands and led the way to the dormitory. After flights of steps, you were standing at the door; you turned around to see Ron, a little tired from Prefect duty. “You should head back after this…” You trailed off at the end, “Thanks.” You smiled. Ron waved and turned around; you entered the common room and saw Ambrosia, Ebony and quite a few people up still. You walked over to Ambrosia to check if she was okay “Hey, Ambrosia, are you-““What do you want?” She said sounding as if whatever happened in the woods did not happen. You took back your hand and stared at her, she gave a sympathetic look and you finally noticed that she wasn’t alone. “Whaddaya want _____?” “Leave Ambrosia alone, don’t want to repeat last year’s incident, do ya?” Ambrosia’s friend muttered at you, you took back your hand and gave Ambrosia one more look, she didn’t say anything. “No, I’ll…I’ll just go then.”
  8. You turned back to Ebony who was pouring with questions, for example “Where did you disappear to?” “Are you okay? You need to be focus for tomorrow’s game!” “And why did you go talk to Ambrosia?” You gave the typical answers, you thought it was best if Ebony and everyone else, did not know what happened in the woods; you could only hope Cedric and Oliver felt the same way. With that said, you went to sleep as Ebony went over Jeremy’s Quidditch strategy waiting for a new day.
  9. In the morning, Luna, Ebony and JJ were helpful to steer you out of Cedric’s way, he managed to sneak away from his crowd and try to make his way to talk to you. JJ was about to use force to tell Cedric to back down, Ebony was just as hard as JJ. Luna on the other hand, mentioned something about one of her creatures who feed on anger emitting from humans. In the end, Cedric failed, you were grateful to your friends. In other news, it bothered you that in public, Ambrosia acted as cold and rude as she was but you let it slide as she apologized in hiding. It was now time for the match against Gryffindor, Puddlemere would be watching from the sides but Oliver would be acting as the referee. You were in the change room while the rest of the team was in another room going over the strategy, that’s when you hear someone enter. “Ebony, is that you?” Instead, a boy with jet black hair and a purple streak that was now faint appeared. “I can if you want me to” Reese flashed a smile as he took off his hood, you stared at him and the first word that came to mind was Cedric. “Did Cedric send you?” You asked as you continued to strap on your Quidditch gear. He flashed his smile and stared at you with his forest green eyes. “No, he didn’t.” You pulled your hair into a ponytail and tightened it then faced towards Reese. “What do you want then?” You grabbed your broom and did final touch ups before heading into the other room.
  10. “I just wanted to see how you were doing. Cedric and Oliver…” Immediately, your defenses rose up. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You said sharply, he smirked and placed his hands in his pocket. “Let’s agree not to lie to each other.” “Whatever you heard, it’s not true.” He immediately held his hands up in a defensive position and smiled. “Look, I just wanted to see if you were alright. Cedric or Oliver had no right to say any of those things.” This was getting ridiculous, Reese seemed to know a lot and with him in Dumbledore’s Army, it wasn’t a good thing. “Say what things?” You figured the more you don’t know, the more he’ll drop the subject. “I’m not going to drop the subject, just because you’re playing dumb.” You froze. Just then, Reese did something he did before, at first, you found it strange but no, you knew, he read your thoughts. “Just now, what did you do?” His eyes widen and he looked flustered “What did I do?” He covered with a smile; you ran over to him and punched his shoulder. You didn’t want to show pain but when you punched his arm, you punched his muscle. “Hurt?” He chuckled, you started to get irritated. Suddenly, you revisited last night’s events but there was something off, now standing behind Ambrosia and Oliver was Reese. “STOP THAT!” You screamed and moved back, you shook your head and he help sat you down. “Don’t touch me. You were there last night?” You asked flustered, he smirked and laughed. “I don’t know “where” you’re talking about but I was in the common room, ask any Hufflepuff. I have witnesses.” You didn’t believe him one bit “Fine, don’t believe me. But, you have to make up your mind. It’s not just Oliver and Cedric you’re hurting.” And with that Reese was gone.
  11. When Reese left, you were breathing hard. You just wished for at least one day of piece. The rest of the team called you over as the game was about to start. With brooms in your hand and everyone lying up in place, you mounted your broom. When the doors opened, you flew out with the rest of your team; the light shined bright in your eyes, the Gryffindors were cheering for the Gryffindors as well as the Ravenclaws cheering for Ravenclaw, the Slytherins were cheering for Ravenclaws since they despised Gryffindor and Hufflepuff was torn between the two. You saw as Gryffindor flew over to their side of the field, Oliver flew to the center of the field; you caught a glimpse of him and he caught a glimpse of you. He looked…fine. “Okay, so, you all been practicing, now let’s see what you look like under pressure!” Oliver roared out, he flew to the chest and released the Bludgers, the Golden Snitch and the Quaffle. Ebony and JJ went at it with the Quaffle, Leah, Jack and the Twins were going at it with the Bludgers, you swerved and evade every one. Neither you nor Harry caught a glint of Golden; the field was hectic but everyone was enjoying the show. You could hear Lee Jordan roaring that Gryffindor just scored 10 points, the Slytherins yelled for fouls, however there weren’t any. You flew up and looked around; Harry was in level with the bleachers looking for the ground, no Snitch anywhere.
  12. You decided to fly back down, you past by the Hufflepuff when you caught a glimpse of Cedric and Reese who smiled and wave, but Cedric more shy than Reese. Reese’s words now echoed in your head “It’s just not Oliver and Cedric you’re hurting.” You shook your head and decided to fly away from the area to clear your mind, you joined Harry’s side once again who you managed to fake, assuming the Snitch was near him. Now, you caught a glimpse of Oliver who called a shot that Gryffindor made clear; the score was now 30-10. Disappointed, Oliver’s words from last night, now filled your head “The more you have to care the more you have to lose.” You shook your head more violently which made you change the course of your direction; Harry turned his head confused and decided to follow you. The voices filled your head, you didn’t understand, when you were playing Quidditch, this was the type of thing you didn’t want to happen. Numerous voices filled your head “You’ll only hurt me more if you did.” “You just can’t accept the fact that someone like me wants to be with you” “But you don’t feel the same way about me” “The more you care the more you have to lose” “We wanted to try if this sort of thing works on a girl” “I don’t know where I stand with you but I do know, that when I see you, I want to be with you.” “I love you. I’ll never let you go.”
  13. Your eyes were shut; you didn’t know where you were going. The sound of the crowd was inaudible, the voices drowned out theirs. You violently shook your head until the voices were no longer there. That’s when you heard it “_______, LOOK OUT!” Your eyes flew open. After that, the last thing you noticed was blood…everywhere.
  14. “You guys go, I’ll stay with her.”

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