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And on the third day, I proclaimed that no tears shall be shed but joy and laughs emerge and head to the heavens! Okay, haha! It's time for Day Three to take it's turn with none other than the playful and banterful Weasley Twins!

Look into the mind of your favorite Hogwart's Love Interest! Who knows, it may be heartfelt, filled with sorrow or things you might not have known. It's an invasion of privacy but we're all curious.

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. Day Three! If you haven't figured it out, this special belongs to the Twins. I personally LOVED writing this because there was so much banter between the twins! Anyways, here is the song /watch?v=bV1lUXdcnt0 . Enjoy!
  2. “You didn’t tell him, did you?” George asked me, I was really uneasy when he did; he sighed and scratched the back of his head and walked over to the window leaning on his right arm. “I can’t believe you’re scared of your baby brother.” He scoffed, I was quiet and just move over to the foot of her bed taking a glance at her, lying there, lifeless. George turned around and crossed his arms “I’m not scared!” I said sharply, he laughed at my method of intimidation and shook his head “Then why haven’t you told him yet?” He asked. I didn’t answer but there was more than just ONE reason and Ron was one of them.
  3. “You know why, there was Oliver” “He left” “Then there was Cedric” “She probably hates him” “Harry!” “Well, I can’t vouch for her since she’s in a coma.” I turned away from George at his rebuttal; he laughed and walked over “I thought we came here for you to practice saying how you really feel about her? You blew your chance at the start of Third year when you practically FORCED me to confess with you.” During the start of Third year, I had a crush on _____ for a while but I was too nervous to do it alone, so I asked George to help me but it really didn’t go as plan because she ran off crying. I rubbed my face and turned around “That’s disturbing you know, practicing a confession on the girl who’s in a coma when we should be praying for her recovery!” I said, George gave a hearty laugh which I couldn’t help but to smile because his laugh was contagious “If what we’re doing is disturbing, then what do you think of Ron?” He made a point there.
  4. “He’s young, he makes mistakes.” George turned towards me after standing by her side “I’m sorry, I’m looking for Fred Weasley. About my height, witty and looks exactly like me but not as good looking.” “Shut up!” I scowled at George but with a smile. “Making mistakes is the start of something beautiful.” That was the motto we used whenever we’re inventing. Whenever we make a mistake, we don’t fret nor get upset, we smile and improve because from that mistake, created something magical. It was serendipitous. “Now, I really don’t see why you’re getting so touchy over this. You practically can’t shut up about her and I think it’s about time you told her how you really feel because out of everyone one, only you and Neville have yet to tell her how you really feel!”
  5. I tapped the metal railing at the end of her bed and looked at her face. Her hair had a bump from the tight ponytail that she wore during Quidditch. “Because I-“I took a breath and inhaled before continuing “I just don’t think I’m half the person I am when you’re not there with me. I’m not good at dealing situations when I’m alone.” George stood up and walked towards me and placed both of his hands on my shoulders. “Aw, Freddie. How touching.” He patted my cheek before giving a gentle slap across the face. “You really need to grow a set…” He looked down “Perhaps, two just in case the other fails.” He spun me around and planted me on the chair beside her where I got a better look at her face. “Even though we’re twins, there are some things we got to do alone. It’s like bathing for example…we both can’t fit in the shower because, well it’s too small.” I laughed at George and shoved him away. “That’s a terrible metaphor.” “But, it’s true. Now you tell her how you feel.”
  6. George walked over to my previous spot and watched me. I turned my head towards her and I began to feel weary. I heard George clear his throat and from my mouth a sigh was released. “What? What’s wrong now?” George blurted out and had his arms out in questionable gesture. “I really can’t do this if you’re going to have your eyes on me or listening.” “But I need to know if you mess up.” “What happened to letting me do this on my own?” He grumbled at my retort and turned around with his hands on his hears blocking out the sound. I cleared my throat and turned towards her. “Here goes nothing.” “Don’t announce it, that’s lame!” “SHUT UP GEORGE!”
  7. George resumed the position and I silently this time, prepared myself. “Uhm, well, ________, I really thought you were special from the moment I laid eyes on you and I hope you would accept my feelings!” I said in a bit of a rush pace, George didn’t respond and I sighed. “Wow, this is ridiculous. If I were to actually say this to you, you’d probably laugh and think I was joking.” I rubbed the back of my head and stared at the floor. “I wouldn’t mind because well, either way I got a smile out of you. That’s worth more than a million galleons.” George was completely silent and I really didn’t appreciate it at this moment “I’m no good with words; I guess that’s one of the reasons I make things, so I can get a smile out of you. Let’s face it, whenever I see you I get tongue-tied and George ends up saving me.” I smiled to myself “I’m a completely fool whenever you’re near me and in a good way.”
  8. I took a moment to myself before the palm of my hand met my face “What am I doing? _______, please wake up soon. If you remember everything I said, just forget about it please! I…I’m really,” I leaned in closer towards her ear and whispered “George made me do it!” Of course, George heard that because he swiftly turned around and blurted out “Hey”. The thought of George and I being at a funeral would be monstrous…I feel like one of us would wake the dead. I sat up straight and laughed, he walked over and patted me on the back. “That’s more like it. Just be natural about it and _____, if you can hear us. It’s Fred’s fault we’re down here anyways but I do want you to wake up.” A nerve twitch, I love George but he can be a pain. “Because I wanted to see if she was alright!” “And he wanted to practice his words of love to you.”
  9. “But I was mainly concern about her being in the state she is in now!” I said as I shot out of my seat. His face was serious before he cracked a smile and laughed. I didn’t know why he was laughing but his laugh was just ridiculous. I just need to laugh. After the laughing was dying down, George looked at me “For a guy who is usually tongue-tied, you really know what to say.” “You heard…?” My emotion shot down to the ground “Yup, you’re quite the romantic, aren’t you?” George smiled, and winked. “Why, yes, the ladies are fond of it unlike you who is only in love with himself!” George made a face in the air and smiled “That is incredibly false.” I crossed my arms and laughed “Refresh my memory, when was the last time you ever fallen for a girl?” “There was that girl…you know…when we went to visit Charlie in Romania.” “What’s her name?” He looked down and laughed “Georgina.” I blurted out laughing “You’re such a masochist.” “Who needs love when I got you?” “That’s when you know you’re growing old and alone.”
  10. We went back and forth bantering with each other that we didn't realized that he walked in. It was pretty awkward for all three of us, because out of all three of us, he was as close to her than I ever got. We were staring at each other because he just walked in the middle of our conversation of me, convincing Fred to make a move. "Hey guys." He said flashing a smile but showing a tad bit of awkwardness. We smiled back at him and quickly headed out. Knowing me, it hurt seeing her like this but now that he was in the room with her, we knew he cherished her most, second, close to Oliver and this was eating him alive.

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