Hogwarts From A Snake's Eye Pt. 6

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Oh yeah, guys, this is still part six, I made two part fours by mistake. Sorry! Refresher: You got sent to the hospital because you drank pumpkin juice, and you're alergic to pumkins.

So I'm going to start putting quotes here! For a long time now I have tried simply to write the best I can. Sometimes I have good luck and write better than I can.

Created by: _ViolaLover_
  1. The next day I'm let out of the hospital, and I head down to the quidditch pitch where my teammates will be practicing. When I arrive, I'm met by a hot-headed Marcus Flint. He storms up to me and demands why I missed the match yesterday. "I could kick you off the team for that!" He roared, elaborating on how mad he was. "Well gee; it's not like I MENT to get sent to the hospital wing from a could-have-been-deadly-allergy!" I exclaim back, angry. "Because you didn't show up, it messed up the whole team! It's your fault we lost!" He retorts. By now, my teammates have all landed and come over to us. "Hey, lay off Marcus," Miles tries to defend me. "This isn't any of your business!" Flint snaps at him. This causes some raised eyebrows. "We need to get off this field anyways; the bloody Gryfinndors have the pitch next." He turns on his heel and stalks back towards the school.
  2. "None of your business, the last time I checked you're a part of the same team we are," Chris fumes. "And Flint has no reason to talk to you like that, it's not your fault you got sent to the hospital wing!" contributes Draco. "How did he even end up as captain?" I wonder aloud as our team starts back up to the school. "He impressed Snape in potions I think," Per informs me. "Well that's a stupid reason to choose someone as captain!" I exclaim. "Yeah, and this is just your first year with him; I've hated him since the start," Lucian tells me. "I wish he wasn't our captain." There was murmured agreement from the rest of the team. "Well then why haven't you guys asked for a new captain?" I ask, confused. Everyone stares at me. "You can do that?" asks Miles wonderingly. "Um, yeah..."I reply, baffled at how they didn't know this. "How?" Lucian asks eagerly. "You should just be able to talk to the head of house; the only thing is you have to present who you think would be a better captain for the team and why," I tell them. The team falls into silence for a moment, thinking. "Well, what about you?" supplies Draco. My eyebrows shoot up.
  3. "Me?" I ask, bewildered. "Why me? Not only am I new to the team versus you guys, the veterans, I'm only a third year!" "Yeah, but I've heard that you're a legal wizard already though, so you're not technically a third year, are you?" questions Chris. "Well, yeah, bu-" I'm cut off by Per who says, "And we've all seen you practice, and without a doubt you are the best player on our team," he states, as if it's a fact and not an opinion. Somehow in the midst of this conversation we met the Gryffindor team going down to practice. Now normally this wouldn't even register in my mind, other than the fact I believe it was the first time in history the Slytherin team walked past them without giving them even a single glare.
  4. So then it's decided; we'll go talk to Snape to get ______as our captain," Draco says, confirming the thoughts of the rest of my team. I sigh, defeated. "Fine, I'll do it. But you're all coming with me, we have to have the whole team there to convince him," I tell them.
  5. Twenty minutes and one long conversation later, my team and I are laughing and discussing who to get to fill the soon to be open spot of chaser. I honestly can't even believe that Snape let me be the captain; I'm really excited because now I feel like we can really go somewhere now that we're closer friends. We keep joking about who has to tell Flint who's off the team, no one really wants to step up and do it; everyone seems to be afraid to stand up to him. Unfortunately, the awkward moment comes sooner than later because the man of the hour rounds the corner and heads up face to face with me. I quickly take a step back, uncomfortable with his closeness. "Where have you lot been?! You can't just skip the team meetings like that! Just for this, we'll be getting up even earlier to practice our passes!" He spits at us. A crowd begins to grow, for the fact we've stopped outside of the Great Hall. My team and I exchange glances, all seeming to say "˜You do it!' So I take it upon myself as the new captain to present him with the news.
  6. "Um, no Marcus, I don't think we will be doing that." He stares at me with an amused dark look on his face. "You know what Bonor; I've had enough of your attitude for one season. You're off the team." This statement earned snickers from my teammates behind me, while a shocked gasp rings through the now large crowd. Dimly I'm aware of my Gryffindor friends watching. "Actually Flint, you can't do that." I hand him the letter Snape gave me to pass on, telling him he's been relieved of his captainship. "You see, we've all been tired of you yelling at us and passing off the blame, so you've been replaced; my team has chosen me to be their captain, and Professor Snape accepted." If the crowd was shocked before, nothing compares to the exclaims of disbelief that followed my statement. A look of outrage is on Marcus's face; as we watch him, we see his captain pin disappear from his robes. I glance down at mine own to see it has reappeared just below. "Now, if you'll excuse us, we missed breakfast and we're starving." I sweep past the speechless ex-captain and lead my team into the Great Hall for lunch.
  7. I sit down beside my awe stuck friends and snatch a roll from a basket in front of me. "Hey everyone, where's Zan?" I ask cheerfully, buttering my bread. No one says anything and I give them all a sideways glance before turning to talk to Draco, who sat beside me. "Did you see Flint's face?" he asks me gleefully. "It was kind of hard to miss," I reply with a grin. "That made my day, only one thing could ever make it better," he declares. "Oh really? Well what's that?" I ask, intrigued. "You go-" he's interrupted by Zan who runs into the Great Hall at this moment with the biggest smile on her face. "______! Oh, hi Draco. Sorry, I've got to steal ______ from you." She grabs my arm and yanks me out of my seat, giving me barely enough time to grab an extra roll and throw an apologetic look at Draco before I'm swept away.
  8. "What on EARTH could be so important that you had to pull me away from lunch," I complain, biting into my bread. "My date with Fred! Duh!" she tells me, rolling her eyes. "Now could you be a girl for a moment and let me vent about it!" I pause for a moment, thinking. "Okay, I think I can do that." She laughs and proceeds to tell me about how Fred and George took her and Hally to Zonko's and then to the three broom sticks; it sounded like they had a ton of fun. "Man, I wish I could have gone," I joke. "Gone where?" Zan and I jump as the Weasley twins and Oliver sit down on either side of us. "Nowhere," Zan and I reply automatically; hello, you never let a boy know you were talking about him. "Okay then..." one of the twins says, I think its George, Fred probably claimed the seat next to Zan.
  9. "I heard about you kicking Flint off the team," Oliver tells me with a grin. "I didn't," says Zan wide eyed. "Congratulations on making captain," Oliver adds. "I didn't hear that either," Zan states, glaring at me. I laugh and shove her. "It's not like you gave me a chance to say anything for the past twenty minutes! Besides, I thought everyone knew; it seemed like the whole school watched," I tell her, rolling my eyes. "Why'd you do it though?" "Yeah, you're only one game into the season, a change of captains can really mess up how a team plays," the twins say. "Well maybe for some teams," I reply, emphasizing the sum. "But if they're focused enough and practice hard enough they should be fine. You guys worry about your own team." "No kidding, now that ______'s captain you're going to have a hard fought season against Slytherin," Zan informs them. "Oh really?" Oliver asks amused. "We'll just see come Friday, won't we?" "I'm going to love the look on your face when you lose," I tell him with a grin. "Well you'll just have to imagine it, because you aren't going to see it," he shoots back. "Wanna bet?" I challenge. "You're on! The losing captain has to buy the other one a butterbeer on the Hogsmeade trip the following day." "Fair enough," I say, sticking out a hand to shake on it. We do and the twins let out a surprised whistle. "Oooooh, a date between-" "A Gryffindor and Slytherin-" "Scandalous!" they say unanimously at the end. I laugh and roll my eyes, standing up. Zan and I walk away from the group of friends, glancing over our shoulder once just in time to see Oliver hit them both upside the head.
  10. The days that followed that conversation were interesting to say in the least. Professor Snape assigned us partners in potions for some sort of project we had to do, and of course with my luck I get Pansy. I try to get her to meet me at the library so we can do the work, but apparently she's "busy" every night. "-stupid little good for nothing partner!" I'm ranting to Zan who is listening with an amused expression on her face while we walk to herbology. "Not talking about me I hope," says a cheerful voice. I glance to my left to see Neville fall into step with us. "Neville!" I exclaim. "It feels like I haven't seen you in ages!" He holds open the door for me and Zan before responding. "You've just seemed so busy lately; I didn't want to disturb you. I heard about you making captain, congratulations," he tells me. "Neville, I ALWAYS have time for friends! It may not be a lot of time, but it's some!" He laughs at me and before he gets to respond the lesson starts. I love being around Neville, it's always just so comfortable, I don't have to ignore him flirting with me; we've become really close friends.
  11. The next day I find out Professor Snape is teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. We have an interesting lesson on werewolves, but then we're assigned a several page paper on them which just adds onto my load of homework. I decide to skip dinner entirely tonight so I can catch up; there's no way I'm letting my grades slip! I'm in the library for hours, finally finishing the divination assignment, my werewolf paper, and I'm working on my potions project when it's too much and I fall asleep. It's not a very deep sleep; it's almost as if I can hear what's going on around me. I hear someone else come into the section where I'm working and pause; I don't lift my head to see who it is. I hear a soft chuckle and footsteps approaching; then it sounds as if they're closing my books for me, and placing the lid back on my ink. A soft hand brushes hair away from my face; my eyes flick open once to see a short red-headed figure receding in the distance. I'm still there hours later when Zan finds me asleep, with all of my homework in a neat pile beside me.
  12. At last it's Friday, the day of the game. I bounce on the balls of me feet and grin at our new recruit, Liam, who's taking the place of Flint. My team and I worked so hard this week, we've been working together better than any Slytherin team in history I believe. I take a deep breath and glance at Draco, who's absentmindedly playing with a loose string on his robes. When he feels my stare he glances up at me and smirks. "You read for this, Bonor?" he asks. "I'm perfectly fine, are you second guessing me, Malfoy?" I grin back at him. However, before he gets a change to answer we have to fly out onto the field-with me in the lead. I circle once around the field with my teammates before flying down to the center of the field to meet with Madam Hooch. I stood looking up at Oliver, feeling really angry that I was short for this moment in time; it's hard to look intimidating when the person you're facing is a foot taller than you. I somewhere in my mind I register that Lee Jordan is making the crowd laugh, but then he mentions the new captainship on my team, sensing that it would be bad for us. As Oliver and I shake hands the corner of my mouth turns up in a smile; Gryffindor will have no idea what hit them.
  13. SQUEAKER! What? Did she just say squeaker? Why yes, yes I did. I got tired of reading/writing "cliffhanger" so I looked it up on thesaurus.com and came up with squeaker. Pretty great, right?
  14. Okay, read this if you actually care about why this took so long! Well, it's all because of, you guessed it, SCHOOL! I've had to do two projects, a several page research paper, and studied for two tests. And now, I get to do another project, another research paper, and study for five finals, AND find my text books! I lost one....go me....but I'm actually still writing this one right now, I couldn't wait to write about this game, I'm pretty excited. So I apoligize because it's so late, I really didn't mean for it to be!
  15. By the way people, I do have a blog, but the thing is I have to invite you to it. It origonally was public, but something happened on there and I just prefered it to be private versus dealing with another relapse of what happened (long story) Honestly, I made it mostly for my friends not on gtq so they could read my stories, but if you would like an invite just leave you email in the comments. The only difference between the ones on there and here is that I give my characters a name rather than ______, and the quizzes sometimes get posted on there faster than on here. Oh yeah, I do have one more story on there that's not on here.

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