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There are many people who think that they know snakes. Yet, the question must be asked: how much do you really know? That is where this test comes in.

I am going to give a description of a snake, and you have to guess from the answers which snake it is. That sounds easy, right? Well, now time to make it look easy. Begin.

Created by: Robyn
  1. (Read the test description for directions and key terms) You are walking along a trail through the Appalachian Mountains, and you see a bright orange snake climbing a tree. Upon closer inspection, you see that it is orange, has a checkered belly, darker splotches on its back edged with black, and smooth scales. The snake is a harmless snake, and a great pet.
  2. This time, you are walking in the Amazon Rainforest, and you spot a snake that is rich rust-red with slitted eyes and blackish circles. It has smooth scales, and does not strike when you pick it up. The snake is also strikingly iridescent with blue, green, and purple rainbows dancing across its scales. It is a harmless snake, and it is about five feet long.
  3. Now you are walking in Asia, and you spot a large snake, about eighteen feet long, guarding its nest. It is slate-gray, with lighter bands. You notice that it has smooth scales. Further along you find two more, both the same length. One is eating another snake, and the other one has reared up six feet high to stare you in the face, hood extended, and is making a growling noise. It is a venomous snake.
  4. This snake is in Africa, and you see it while harvesting rice (just go with it). It is about eleven feet long, and slate gray, as the last snake. It is also and elapid, and when you approach it, it opens its mouth wide to show you the black interior. You try to get a closer look before you startle it into fleeing, slithering forward at eleven miles per hour. It has smooth scales, and is mainly arboreal.
  5. Now, still in Africa, you are walking in the forest and nearly step on a snake that is so cryptically marked that you didn't see it. It is about a foot and a half, and pretty fat for its size, as most vipers are. It slithers away very slowly, and when you reach over to touch it, it opens its mouth, revealing two inch long fangs. It has keeled scales and not heat sensing pits.
  6. You are now enjoying your time in San Fransisco, when you spot a snake, about two feet long, slithering across some rocks on the side of the road. The snake has bright red and blue marks on its sides, and a longitudinal stripe running down along its spine. It has keeled scales, and is completely harmless.
  7. Now you are in Africa, once again, (do you really like Africa or what?) and you see a massive, fifteen foot snake with grayish brown markings on a dark tan background. The snake is slithering toward a group of antelope, headed for a baby. You watch as it grabs and constricts the baby. The snake has shiny, smooth scales, which are popular in the fashion trade, and has no venom. (Although, if you were a toddler, it could be a potentially deadly snake.)The snake is a common pet, kept in the albino colorations, normally.
  8. You are in your backyard in western Georgia, and you see a snake slithering through the weeds. Naturally, you grab it. The snake is about three feet long, and thin as a vine. It is light green, with keeled scales. It was in the weeds by your fence, and was headed for a group of crickets, which it would have eaten, had you not startled them away. The snake is also harmless and diurnal.
  9. You are riding in your car/truck/van, and you see a black snake on the side of the road. You or your parents suddenly break down, right next to the snake, so you get out to investigate it. It is solid black, about five feet long, and has a white belly. The scales are slightly keeled. The snake is harmless, and it is in North America, near the range of the red rat snake.
  10. This snake is in Guam, where it is least wanted, and you find it while exploring a forest there. Instead of going into a history lesson about what this snake is doing to the bird population, I am going on with the question. The snake is a slightly venomous colubrid, and it is brown, with a lighter brown ventral (belly). It hisses furiously at you when you pick it up to find that it has keeled scales. The snake is fairly thin, with a sharply triangular head, hiding it Dyveriotory gland. (or what ever the gland that contains venomous saliva in rear-fanged snakes is called.)
  11. Now, you are, once again, in Africa, and you spot what appears to be a dead snake in a pile of scrub. The snake is a rust color, with black bands running around its body. The snake is about five feet long, and as you look to see it has keeled scales, it springs to life. In one, quick motion, it spreads a hood, hisses, and sprays venom in your eyes.
  12. Now you are in an Asian rainforest, and you see a snake that is very long, almost thirty feet. It is coiled up in a hole between the roots of a giant tree. It had a checkered pattern, though not really checkered... it is more a zigzaggy pattern, if that helps. It has smooth scales, and tries to slither up a tree as you approach. It coils up and opens its mouth, hissing, as you back off.
  13. You are called upon to identify a snake that a pet store is trying to sell. It is some sort of king snake, similar to a california kingsnake, but it has a yellowish color. Instead of the black bands that encircle the california king's body, this snake has horizontal H's on its back. They don't have a clue what it is, but it has slightly keeled scales and is about a foot long; it is only three weeks old.
  14. You are walking in the deserts of Arizona, and you spot a large viper in a bush. The snake is a rattlesnake, it is making that quite clear, and it has diamonds on its back. Its tail, leading up to the rattle, is banded black and white. The snake has heavily keeled scales, and also each scale is covered with specks of color.
  15. You are now exploring in the Amazon Rainforest, and you spot a large snake. It is coiled up on a tree branch, only a few feet off the ground. The snake is venomous, with diamonds on its back. It is a viper, but it is the longest viper: a whopping 10 footer!

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