What Type Of Snake Will You Want As a Pet?

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Snakes are some of the best pets for children and young adults because they don't need to be cleaned and fed every day. Snakes have been regarded as horrible animals, but this doesn't change the fact of their greatness at being nice and easy to keep as pets.

You must be thinking of buying a snake, but are you ready to take on the responsibility of caring for one? Do you know what kind of snake would be best for you? Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Robyn
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  1. You want a
  2. If you had a snake, you would want to:
  3. If you had a snake, you would:
  4. If you had a snake, you would feed it:
  5. Now for the next part of the quiz, the true or false. For the next 6 questions, answer true or false to each statement. Snakes grow their entire lives.
  6. Snakes eat every day.
  7. Snakes need to be kept at about 98 degrees to stay alive.
  8. Snakes need to have a sturdy bowl of water, a place to hide, and some sort of heat and vegetation in a wire cage.
  9. Snakes must be kept in a tank with no top. They need access to the heat source.
  10. Snakes can't be given live mice, though if they eat crickets, they may be alive.
  11. Now answer the best you can, and if you don't see your answer, say other. This will only effect whether you are ready to purchase the snake. Do you have a large fish tank to serve as a home?
  12. I have a heat source for the warmth and health of my pet.
  13. I have a hiding place for my secretive snake.
  14. I have a sturdy water dish to keep my snake cool and hydrated.
  15. I have read up on books about snakes, and I know how to care for it.
  16. Last question: I have devoted myself and my family to caring for my snake. I will not dump it in the everglades to die, or starve it to death. I know what I am doing!

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