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  • "O.o"
  • "Oh, well that explains it. The thingies with the [S] in front means it's a Flash animation, so naturally it wouldn't work, making it harder ..."
  • "Like, with your computer or...? It generally works better with more common browsers, like Firefox or Google Chrome."
  • "?"
  • "Oh, well it gets better as it goes along, and MSPA Wiki helps a LOT."
  • "But I need another Homestuck fan to try it out with. And practically NOBODY I've met on here knows what Homestuck is. 38'C"
  • Hey People
    "I'm pretty much bored whenever I come on here. Try this. Mi"
    "Ish funny. You should read the whole thing. ...Although with how many pages it has, that could take a while. A"
  • Hey People
    "*dies of fangirlness* Can it be assumed that you read Homestuck?"
  • NUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!
    "Spoiler alert if you haven't read Homestuck past here "
  • "Bye, john! Oh, and beware the batterwitch! 38P"
  • "Yes. (Have you been with the Alphas lately?) Only this time its EVERYONE messing with my life. What's a better solution: Bec Noir, or Tricks..."

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