How big a fan of homestuck are you?

Do you love homestuck? Or have you never heard of it? Well this quiz is here to tell you. I made this quiz because when i searched homestuck on this site i was shocked to find no results.

And so, this quiz was born. You are very welcome. Now i need more characters so i will talk about random stuff. Terezi is my favorite homestuck character she is so awsome. Blah blah blah. Wheeeeeee!!!!

Created by: Starwars lover

  1. Complete the reference and say which character usually says it: I have all the luck.
  2. What is gamzee's favorite drink?
  3. What is the name of the video game that rose, john, dave, and jade play?
  4. Whose luses is the speaker of the vast glub?
  5. What does gamzee call his favorite drink?
  6. What does flarp stand for?
  7. Who is john's troll friend that he might end up dating?
  8. Why did vriska die?
  9. Who did eridan love?
  10. Who went crazy and killed all of their friends?

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Quiz topic: How big a fan of homestuck am I?