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  • Oh, and just so you know, I laughed my butt off at your comments on my "What's your worst quality?" and "Could you pass the 7th grade?(Canada)". First off, me and Funnymaker aren't fighting anymore, we've come to a nice understanding and respect each other. By the way, I do speak Latin... A little, not fluently. I don't speak Greek, either, but I have many Greek friends and I pick it up. So, little vlakismeni... You're a real vlaka malaka, aren't you? Also, translate this:

    Conclude vos adepto a vita stupidi inconsiderata puppis subjugale mutum. Aliquam et Galli.

    For the 7th grade quiz, you basically proved that with all your "high achievements", the Canadian educational program is better than the American's. So thank you for the compliment. Besides, you're not the only one with accomplishments, trust me on that.

    Not to mention the fact tha people don't go around speaking Latin, they speak Spanish, English and French. Yes, French. NOt to mention how easy the sentences I gave you were! Google for this one:

    Vous etes une tresstupide petit gars, n'est pas? Je ne pense pas que vous devriez avoir la permission d'etre sur l

  • Just so you know, FLARP stands for Fatal Live Action Role Playing NOT Fantasy Live Action Role Play... which is gramamaticaly incorrect.

  • A little too easy for my tastes. Just a tip, do a little background researc)( before posting t)(e quiz, just to )(ave some toug)(er questions. Ot)(er t)(an t)(at, great! 38)

  • Gamzee only killed two of his friends. I knew who you were talking about, but seriously, he only killed Equius and Nepeta.

  • 90%. 2 thIngs. 1 ErIdEn kIllEd mOrE. 2 I jUst fOrgOt hOw vrIskA dIEd...


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